Headline, March 29 2019/ ''' GANGA-MA WORLD GRIEVES '''



THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY RISES to bow its head before Almighty God and seek mercy for the doings of entire mankind.

FOR this great country and super power America, and its super people and dream culture and world, for Canada, Latin America, the EU, Great, UK-

The African continent, Historic India, Risen China, Highest Japan, Famous Far-East, Mast Arab World, Upwards Russia, and the whole world. 

AND the Founder Framers of The World Students Society, now mirroring the entire universe, so rise to ensure mankind :
''That Great Things will be Attempted and Only Great Things Done''..

''When The World Students Society started doing its great honor and service to mankind, they hope to, with God's blessings, transform the world into one of great community and belonging.''

DANGER IN THE GANGES : Mark my words. Modi-Jee, will soon go off his war-footings and beg Almighty God for mercy and survival for the great and suffering people of Kashmir, India and the entire world.

Someday, in not too distant a future, how India eventually surfaces, will depend on the great sacrifices and services of the people of Proud Pakistan.

'' When bacteria are stressed, they turn on their S.O.S,'' said David W.Graham, a professor of ecosystems engineering at New Castle University in Britain and a pioneer in testing for anti-biotic resistant. It accelerates the rate at which they rearrange their genes and pick up new ones.''

Eight years ago, Ahammad, a former student of Dr. Graham, suggested testing Indian waters.

''Until then,'' Dr. Graham said, ''I have avoided India because I thought it was one huge political mess.'' With antibiotic resistant bacteria so ubiquitous, it would be hard to design a good experiment    - one with a ''control,'' someplace relatively bacteria free.

''We needed to find some place with clear differences between political and unpolluted areas,'' Dr. Graham said.
That turned out to be Ganges.


Although it is officially sacred, the Ganges is also a vital, working river. Its numerous watersheds in the mountains, across the Deccan Plateau and its vast delta serve 400 million people - a third of India's population - as a source of drinking water for humans and animals, essential for crop irrigation, travel and fishing.

Twice a year, two of Dr. Ahammad's doctoral students, Deepak K. Prasad and Riahabb Shukla, take samples along the whole river, from Gangotri to the sea, and test them for organisms with drug -resistant genes.

The high levels discovered in the river's lower stretches were no surprise. But the researchers found bacteria with resistance genes even in the river's first 100 miles, after it leaves Gangotri and flows past the next cities downstream :
Uttarkashi, Rishikesh and Haridwar.

More important, the researchers found that the levels were consistently low in winter and then surged during the pilgrimage season, May and June.

Tiny Gangotri is so high in the mountains that it closes in winter, made impossible by the snow. But in summer, the area's population swells with hundreds of thousands of pilgrims.

Because the district is sacred, no alcohol or meat may be sold there. Devout Hindus are often vegetarian and abstemious.

The riverside cities have wide flights of steps, called ghats, leading into the water, often with netting or guardrails. They help pilgrims safely immerse themselves and drink - a ritual that is supposed to wash away sins and hasten entry into paradise.Souvenir stands sell plastic jugs so pilgrims can take Ganges water home to share.

The most famous of the Upper Ganges pilgrimage cities are is Rishikesh. Its streets are lined with hotels with names like Holy River and Aloha on the Ganges.

Besides pilgrims, Westerners pour in for the town's annual yoga festival  to study in its many ashrams and ayurvedic medicine institutes.

With respectful dedication to the Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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''' Vast Veer '''

Good Night and God Bless

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