Headline, March 24 2019/ ''' '' WORLD -THE ECOSYSTEM- WHIRL'' ''' : 2030

''' '' WORLD 



''O'' STUDENTS! : MAY THE ALMIGHTY GOD in all his glory and wisdom accept our humble prayers for survival.

SEA OF SHADOWS : The Great Lord picks  unique ways to accomplish his designs.

OVER all these many years, we pleaded for enlightened moderation, to ward off evil, to have you  mend your ways; with the world for mercy, debate, understanding, again debate, sacrifice,  forgiveness, liberty, repose and freedom for mankind.

LISTEN UP : YOU LEADERS OF THE WORLD : this universe belongs to the creator, The Almighty God, and there are no divisions. Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere.

Kashmir belongs to the Kashmiris, Rohingyas belong to Myanmar, India and its happiness, belongs to the people of India. The World and Living belongs to Mankind

FOR The Ultra Great and Final Species of Mankind, Protection was never truly served by the leaders. Just too little. Let's pray it is not too late.

''EMBARK ON REFLECTION'' : How the world rises to great honors, love and peace, will entirely depend on The World Students Society : The Ecosystem 2011: The World Students Society thanks author Annie Roth for her guidance.

WHEN YOU READ ''SAM DAILY TIMES'' : ''The Voice Of The Voiceless'' - the master Global Publication of the students of the world : You make a difference.

By 2030 : I will be gone to my heavenly abode from amongst you, acccompanied by most of the present world leaders.

Merium, Rabo, Lakshmi, Dee, Zilli, Juniper, Armeen, Aqsa, Malala, Greta Thunberg, Hussain, Vishnu, Kapil Sharma, Shahzaib, Salar, Bilal, Jordan, Ali, Reza, Haider,  Zaeem, Hamza, Danyial  will all be heading for late 20s, 30s and early forties.

Special wishes and prayers for thinker Amna Sandhu and Asma Farooq, and film producer Ibrahim Khan, and business man, Amir Gulzar Raja, UAE.

FOUNDER FRAMERS : 'It is a great honour to have lead, and worked with, and known you all : 'Humans of Great Class'. Time enough to work even harder and move the world forward and upwards.

For them all, survival and sustainability is all, as much a siren call, as liberation was to mankind. Work Hard and sincerely and truly build the Ecosystem 2011, for generations to come. !WOW! - is the world's best hope and chance.

TO WARD OFF EXTINCTIONS Scientists get creative, Many scientists contend that we're heading toward what would be the sixth mass extinction in the history of life on earth.

HUMAN ACTIVITY has increased the rate of extinction by several orders of magnitude.

A recent UN report says around one million species ''are now threatened with extinction many within decades.''

The prospect is grim but NOT inevitable. Across the world, scientists are using new technologies and unorthodox approaches to bring species back.

From lending a hand in breeding to training dogs to snuff out rare gorillas, scientists are taking extraordinary measures to save the animals they love.

THE 2030 iPHONE-16 WON'T BE recognizable from today's. It will improve; you will, for example, be able to ask your phone to use its AI to find a specific photo from among the million you have accumulated over 20 years.

So not just ''find photos of cats'' but ''find that hilarious cat I saw in Rome, can't remember when''.

The iPhone-16 will also have some interesting, but not great, augmented reality functions. And although it will still have that Victorian hangover, a keyboard, you will mostly address it by voice,  Ditto the iPad, which will have continued its slow but relentless attack on the laptop.

Electric cars will be more common , but the number of charge points required for full adoption will be far off. Self-driving cars, which I long for, will not have to come to much even given the promise of probabilistic computing.

The brutal truth is that for them to take off requires an attrition rate in the form of hundreds of people dying or being injured due to software glitches.

That - we humans learning from mistakes and getting things right slowly - is what today's jet aircraft safe today, but our brave un-brave new world will not stand for it. Millions will still, sadly, make a living steering a vehicle. Sorry.

Space exploration could advance, but neither NASA nor private trailblazers such as Musk and Bezos will get humans to Mars. Ten years is not time enough for that even if Branson's Virgin Galactic does finally make it into earth suborbit.

If this sounds disappointing to those who still harbour 20th-century visions of flying cars and Mars bases, well no, the 2020s aren't going to roar like the 1920s.

Its going to be a time of retrenchment and refinement - partly because a lot of our tech is fully formed - but chiefly, it's going to be a period of radically changed priorities.

And that - which will be exciting in a different way - is because the wild card in all this Generation Z, the demographic cohort after the millennials, now aged 10-20 and which has never known a world without technology.

With respectful dedication to the Founder Framers of The World Students Society and Ecosystem 2011, Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the World.

See Ya all prepare and register Great Global Elections on The World Students Society : wssciw.blogspot.com and Twitter - !E-WOW! - The Ecosystem 2011:

''' Sea - Saw '''

Good Night and God Bless

SAM Daily Times - the Voice of the Voiceless


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