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Mathematician-politicians are not unheard of. The first elected mayor of Paris in 1789, was Jean-Sylvain Bailly, a mathematician, astronomer and revolutionary.

In the  United States, the  pro-science political action committee 314 Action has  helped hundreds and of candidates with backgrounds in science, including engineering and mathematics run for office.

Such candidates promise to add intangibles at the nexus of rigor, rationality, creativity and perseverance to the political fray.

ON A WEDNESDAY night in December, amid civic strife in France over proposed pension overhauls, Celdric Villani, a prizewinning mathematician and a member of the National Assembly, packed the Trianon Theater in Paris and made the case that he should be elected mayor when Parisian go to the pools in March.

''Is a scientist in politics incongruous?'' he asked. ''I do not believe that. Science can provide solutions to the greatest challenges of our time.''

Scientifically, Dr. Villani does not lack for credentials.

He won the Fields Medal - an international prize for mathematicians under the age of 40 - in 2010, he led a task force on artificial intelligence that produced the widely discussed report ''For a Meaningful Artificial Intelligence : Towards a French and European Strategy.''

Such candidates promise to add intangibles at the nexus of rigor, rationality, creativity and perseverance to the political fray.
Dr. Villani, with the campaign slogan :''Le Nouveau Paris,'' envisions the City of Light as the city of the future:

''Trust science, to invent new urban lives.''

Dr. Villiani himself recently underwent a subtle reinvention - taking scissors to his signature pageboy with trimmings that resulted in bangs. The new hairstyle did not go unnoticed.

''My adversaries have done a good job of portraying this as the fact that I was hiding something, that I was pretending,'' Dr. Villani said during an interview at campaign headquarters, a third floor flat with old oak floors and clean-slate white walls, one block over from Notre-Dame.

Sitting on a sofa, he wore his usual three-piece suit and a spider brooch perched on the lapel. Shoes off, he was in sock feet - his preferred state for thinking and meeting and talks - although these days it is a rare indulgence.

''This is the laboratory of new political bet,'' he said. ''People here believe that it is not by following the rules of the political parties that you can improve the future.''

Some of the biggest challenges facing Paris, in his view, lie at the intersection of democracy and information technology.

His top priority includes a plan to revamp municipal boundaries that would incorporate the suburbs within one metropolis, the environmental crisis and Paris's traffic problems.

''I will use all means to make traffic flow and finally to escape from the traffic jams that undermine the daily lives of so many people,'' he vowed at the Trianon.

Perhaps it bodes well that one of Dr. Villani's areas of expertise is ''optimal transport'', investigating the most efficient allocation of starting points to end points.

For instance, as Dr. Villani considered in a 976-page book - ''Optimal Transport Old and New'' there is the grand challenge each morning of transporting quantities of bread from bakeries to cafes.

''The problem is to find in practice where each unit of bread should go, in such a way as to minimize the total transport cost,'' he wrote.

He asked the advice of Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, a former director of the Instiut - des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques and the departing president of the European Research Council:

Dr. Bouruignon told him it was a bad idea.

''I feared that his weight as a scientist would be jeopardized by becoming a political statesman,'' he said. ''I was concerned that he would diminish his impact, rather than increase it.''

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