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THE SHIFT : ''LEAVE nothing to chance.'' Working from isolation can be lonely. Let's pray, get tough, and get moving. This should be our finest moments.

I'M WRITING THIS FROM THE MAKESHIFT QUARANTINE BUNKER in my dinning room -sweatpants on, hand sanitizer nearby snacking my way through my emergency rations.

I'm getting plenty of work done, but I'm starting to get unnerved by the lack of stimulation. by the lack of stimulation. It's been hours [days?] since i interacted with a human being who is not related to me, and cabin fever is setting in.

Among the coronavirus's many effects is a boom in people like me: office workers, shooed away from the office, trying to acclimate to a work-from-home- lifestyle.

While the outbreak has created inconveniences [ and much worse ] for millions of people in the form of travel restrictions, health scares and stock market turmoil, it has been an exciting time for some fans of remote work.

They argue that quarantined workers are getting a glimpse of our glorious office-free-future.

''This is not how I envisioned the distributed work revolution taking hold,'' wrote Matt Mullenweg, chief of executive of Automatic, the software company that owns the WordPress blogging platform.

Mr. Mullenweg, whose company's work force is fully distributed, sees a silver lining in the coronavirus. In his blogpost last week, he wrote that it ''might also offer an opportunity for many companies to finally build a culture that allows long-overdue work flexibility.''

I get where he is coming from. I was a remote worker for two years a while back. For most of that time, I was work-from-home evangelist who told everyone within earshot about the benefits of avoiding the office. No commute. No distracting co-worker! Home-cooked lunch! What's not to love.

But I've been researching the pros and cons of remote work for my coming book about human survival in the age of artificial intelligence and automation. And I've now come to a very different conclusion : Most people should work in an office, or near other people, and avoid solitary arrangements whenever possible.

Don't get me wrong : Working from home is a good option for new parents, people with disabilities and others who aren't well served by a traditional office setup. I don't think we should ignore health guidelines and force people to work in an office during a pandemic.

And I'm sympathetic to millions of teachers, restaurant workers and other professionals whom working for home has never been a viable option. But for those of us lucky enough to to be able to work for home, coronovirus or no, a few words of caution are in order.

Fans of remote work often cite studies showing that people who work from home are more productive. like a 2014 study led by the Stanford University professor Nicholas Bloom. The study examined remote workers at a Chinese travel agency and found that that they were 13 percent more efficient than their office-based peers.

But research also shows that what remote workers gain in productivity, they often miss in harder-to-measure benefits like creativity and innovative thinking. Studies have found that people working together in the same room tend to solve problems more quickly than remote collaborators, and that remote team cohesion suffers in remote work arrangements.

Remote workers also tend to take shorter breaks and fewer sick days than office-based ones, and in studies, many report finding it hard to separate their work from their home lives.

That's a good thing if you're a boss looking to squeeze extra efficiency out of your employees, but less ideal if you're someone trying to trying to achieve some work-life balance.

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