Headline, March 14 2019/ ''' '' MERCY -O''LORD - MERCY '' '''

''' '' MERCY -O''LORD - 

MERCY '' '''

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FORGET ALMIGHTY GOD - the creator of entire universe. Not a life verve's without his consent.

This is what happens when you ignore and silence front-line doctors who warn of impending disaster, as authorities of China did in the very early days of the outbreak : a possible global epidemiological and economic disaster.

THIS is what happens when you falter and confuse basic truths of our very fragile and temporary existence.

The World Students Society rises the world over, to seek forgiveness and mercy for you all, to bow its head in prayer, supplication and submission and seek mercy, yet again, from Almighty God for all your doings:

For our sins, for our failings, for our wars, for our pettiness, for our killings, for our tyranny, for our subjugation, for our stealings and corruption, for our indifference, for our meaness, for our misuse of power and authority and for our falsifications, and for our destruction.

What The World Students Society is left with and now faces is a society destructively and embarrassingly ignorant about the world around us.

LET US PRAY, now, for science. Pray for empiricism and for epidemiology and for vaccines. Pray for peer review and controlled double-blinds.

For flu shots, herd immunity and washing your hands. Pray for reason, rigor and expertise. Pray for the precautionary principle. Pray for the National Institute of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Pray for the World Health Organization.

And pray not just for science but scientists, too. as well as their colleagues in the application of science - the tireless health care workers, the whistle-blowing first responders, the rumpled, righteous public servants whose long-ignored warnings we we will learn about only when the 12-part  coronavirus docu-disaster series drops on Netflix.

''Wish them all well in the fights ahead''.

Their weapons, the weapons of science, are all we have left - perhaps the only true weapons our kind has ever marshaled against encroaching oblivion.

It may sound paradoxical to plead for divine sanction of scientific pursuit. But these are dicey times for science and for scientists, and they need all the help they can get.

As the coronavirus spreads, it is exposing the fraying seams of our overextended  world. In societies as different as China and United States, those seems are starting to look similar.

The failures to contain the outbreak and and to understand the scale of its threat stem from an  underinvestment in and an underapporeciation of basic science.

Sure this is not exactly breaking news; decades of global environmental heedlessness paint a grim picture of modernity's responsiveness to scientific foreboding.

But this novel coronavirus illustrates the problems more acutely. If it doesn't kill us it should at least shake us out of the delusion that we can keep ignoring the  science and scientists  who are warning about the long-term dangers to our way of life.

Religious texts say that societies face destruction when they forget God. The coronavirus, like the accelerating climate climate-related disaster, shows what we face when we decide to blind ourselves to science.

This is what happens when you have super power of the class and distinction as the United States of America - gut pandemic response infrastructure, as Donald trump has spent the last few years doing : a C.D.C. that botches the most defense against disease - testing for it.

I wish there were one-off errors that we could attribute to authoritarian Chinese Communism or routine Trumpian incompetence. But they point to an underlying global dysfunction, one that transcends political parties and styles of government.

The sadness and publishing of this opinion post, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Farhad Manjoo.

With Most Respectful Dedication To Almighty God.

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''' Mercy And Mercy '''

Good Night and God Bless

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