Headline, March 08 2019/ ''' '' MEOWING WORLD'S MISERIES '' '''



A WRITER SAYS HELLO TO THE CRUEL WORLD as Almighty God's wrath 'The Coronavirus'  looms and loops to this cruel, wretched world:

THE FOUNDER FRAMERS OF SECULAR INDIA AND of The World Students Society - all and some great Indian, and anyone, - one great Indian student, should track:

Kapil Sharma, - and all his genius colleagues and actors, and convey to them the great wishes and blessings of The World Students Society.

And tell him that :
''Modi Jee will never be destined to ameliorate the amber and the embers of this great nation, our brothers and sisters in Kashmir and India''. Till the very last student of the world, straps. 

IN LATE 66 - MY FATHER'S HEALTH began sputtering. And with that, he began serving the patients and people, round the clock, from his soul.

I walked a shade behind him, as he made one of his unending rounds. ''Remember, that no state pension, or plots or any other give aways, is to be accepted for my service.'

His request and thinking and ending instructions stood and stand honored.

Dr. Muhammad Akber Khan, Hashmi Querishi, a direct descendant of the Holy Prophet [PBUH], with a direct lineage to and from Indo-Pakistan's Patron Saints, was one fearless human, that I had the good fortune to observe.

I now feel, I should also follow his advise and say hello to a cruel world.

SYRIAN CHILDREN frozen to death :
The baby wasn't moving. Her body had grown hot, then cold. Her father rushed her to a hospital, going on foot when he could not find a car, but it was just too late. At 18 months, Iman Leila had frozen to death.

In the half-finished concrete shell that had been there home since they ran for their lives across northwest Syria, the Leila family had spent three weeks enduring nighttime temperatures that barely rose 20 degrees Fahrenheit [minus 7 degrees Celsius].

'' I  dream about being warm,'' Iman's father, Ahmed Yassin Leila, said a few days later by phone.
''I just want my children to feel warm. I don't want to lose them to the cold. I don't want anything except a house with windows that keeps out the cold and the wind.''

The exodus of the largest war that has displaced 13 million people and taken hundreds of thousands of lives, and ranks among the largest in recent history, second only to the flight of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar in 2017.

With about three million residents trapped between a sealed Turkish border to the north and bombs ans shells thundering up from the south and east, the crises has the potential to grow the cruelest, mankind ever faced.

''These are people who are trying to take the hardest decisions of their lives in conditions that are out of their hands,'' said Max Baldwin, the North Syria program director for  Mercy Corps. 

MEASURING THE WORLD set in the 19th century, follows the adventures of two historic Germans - the naturalist Alexander van Humboldt and the mathematician Carl Freidrich Gauss - as they set out to measure the world from its highest mountain to its deepest cave.

For writer Daniel Kehlmann setting of 'Tyll' is funny, but 'you wouldn't want to spend even an hour' there.

''Tyll'' transmits the 14-century tale of of the jester Tyll Ulenspiegel about three hundreds years into the future, playing him into the Thirty Years War.

Tyll travels through a Europe devastated by conflict, encountering fraudsters, soldiers and royalty, including Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia, whose love of Shakespeare chimes with Tyll's own sense of theatrical spectacle.

With ''Tyll'' Kehlemann envisioned something darker, about wars or religion and the impotence of statecraft.

''In a way, it's a serious literary experiment in trying to imagine what the world was like before the  Enlightenment,'' he said, ''what was it really like to live in a world before Voltaire, Newton and all these people. It's great to write about, not of course you wouldn't want to spend an hour in this world.''

At one point, Tyll goads the residents of a German village to take off their shoes, throw them into the air and then reclaim the ones that belong to them - watching with amusement as a brawl ensues.

''I was about 7 years old when I heard this story at school, which was presented to us as something didactic, as if Tyll is showing people their folly,'' Hehlemann said.

''But that's not true. The only thing that story demonstrates is that everyone had the same kind of shoes, and he's just being a really mean prankster.''

''It might sound very weird now, but I actually don't like historical novels,'' he said.

''When I wrote ''Measuring The World,''  I told myself : ''This is an experiment. I'm never going to write another historical novel.''

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on The World and History, continues. The World Students Society thanks authors Tibias Grey and Vivian Yee and Hwaida Saad.

With respectful dedication to all the great people in the world, Grandparents, Parents, and then Students, Professors and Teachers.

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''' Shame To Shops '''

Good Night and God Bless

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