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LAST SPRING - THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION officially recognized burnout as an ''occupational phenomenon'' caused by chronic workplace stress.

Roughly two-thirds of full-time workers experience burnout on the job, according to a 2018 Gallup study of nearly 7,500 employees.

Another study by Deloitte, found that nearly 70 percent of respondents thought that their employers weren't doing enough to prevent or reduce burnout within the workplace, with 21 percent of employees stating that their organization didn't offer any programs to assist in minimizing burnout.

Some companies are approaching the problem from a wellness perspective, encouraging employees to free their minds of work from time to time and to become open about their challenges.

Employees discussed their aspirations for the year - both professional and personal - then created visual aids reflecting their goals.

''With this kind of activity, you first look internally,'' said Livia de Bastos Martini, the chief human resource officer of Gympass.

 ''You stop and think about yourself, which is something you don't have time to do on a day-today basis, then you focus on somebody's else, and the exchanges are much more meaningful.''

So, on a rainy Thursday afternoon, in a plush pink conference room in Manhattan, a group of colleagues formed a meditation circle. As they sat in their own silence, sirens and traffic wailed below. ''Bathe in the joy of truly loving yourself,'' a former Tibetan Buddhist monk advised them.

Over the course of an hour, the participants - colleagues at WayUp, a company that matches employers with recent college graduates and students - were guided through deep breaths, spoke to each other about ''flow'' and ''powerful creative states'' and completed a self - hypnosis exercise.

They bonded over their challenges with sleep and overworking. At the end of the session, one employee mentioned his chest feeling less tight; another described a pinch in her neck dissipating.

''That was awesome,'' said Brandon Santulli, the office manager at WayUp. It was his first time mediating. ''I feel very energized now,'' he said, ''and that 's not usually how I feel until I get another cup of cold brew.

As companies have stressed the importance of work-life balance and mental health, and a younger, more open-minded work force has joined their ranks, wellness initiatives have ramped up in workplaces across the United States.

These optional activities, often scheduled during company hours, include basic meditation and yoga, as well as vision-boarding [creating a collage, essentially], energy consulting, sounds baths and hypnotherapy. They are meant to be restorative and instructive, without veering into didactic. And they're not peculiar to millennial-led startups :

Multinational corporations, restaurant owners and federal government agencies are among the employers calling for more wellness in the workplace. 

''No one wants to sit down for an hour and be lectured about stress management,'' said Cassandra Bianco, the founder of Wellbeings, a network of corporate wellness consultants, which led the meditation workshop at WayUp. ''They want to sit for an hour and feel destressed.''

The ultimate purpose is to encourage a corporate culture that takes a more holistic approach to employee well-being and embraces imperfection in the daily grind.

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