GREECE receives approximately 30 million international; visitors each year, with many heading to the country's six main island regions.

Choosing where to visit depends on your entry point. Ferries are an ideal way to get around.

Even though some islands may seem close geographically, trips can be long, with ferries making multiple stops or not having daily departures. Ferries grand Ferryhopper.com are reliable sites for researching and booking tickets at advance in advance, which is advised.

Here's look beyond the islands that commonly draw the crowds, and an argument to reconsider a few of the most popular ones.

The Saronic Islands :
From Athens, the Sarmonic islands are reachable via ferry withan an hour or two., offering a convenient escape for the time-strapped.

If you're seeking an island of serenity and simplicity, rustic and car free, Hydra is all about walking through cobbled streets or hitching a donkey ride. Nearby is Aegina, full of fishing and notable seafood taverns.

The Cyclades and Crete : 
Visitors can reach the the Cyclades via a plane or ferry from Athens. The Cyclades have  regular ferry routes among their islands. Mykonos ald los are known for dance-filled nights at beach clubs or private villas.

Santorini offers sheer elevation, volcanic views and waterfront hotels, but a visit proves more rewarding in the off-season, when crowds are thinner.

Head further south and you'll reach Crete. Expect to find especially patriotic residents., sensational produce, memorable drives and a world-class golf course.

The Ionian Islands :
Corfu is architecturally blessed, with the Venetians, French and British all influencing its development. If you're looking for one island with it all, it's Kefalonia. Draws include hills perfect for hiking.

The Dodecanese Islands :
Hippocrates was born on the island of Kos, which is known for its history, beaches and wind surfing.

The Sporades :
Skiatho's pine forests fall right down to the beaches, with walking trails weaving through the green.
Skiathis is full of secluded beaches only accessible via boat, like Lalaria Beach.

The Northern Agean :
this region isn't ideal for island hopping because of the great distances between its islands, but they are abundant, so a visit to one or two will suffice.

The World Students Society thanks author Caterina Hrysomallis.


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