Pregnant Actresses: 'We're Not Treated Like People'

Claire Danes's pregnant belly was hidden with computer graphics in the second season of Homeland, Olivia Coleman hid hers in big sweaters during filming of The Night Manager. And when Gillian Anderson's bump could no longer be hidden on the X-files, "Scully" was abducted by aliens.

But not all actors are indulged by the production.

Those playing smaller parts in films and commercials often find they are forced to hide their pregnancies, not from the viewers but from people making the programmes themselves.

Some are successful, but many are mistreated by an industry marked by high staff turnover, an overabundance of competition and in some cases, a profound lack of respect.

Several women spoke to the BBC on the condition of anonymity. All say they lost jobs or auditions when it was found they were pregnant.



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