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DEVELOPERS ARE FOLDING FITNESS INTO GAMES AS part of dual-pronged strategy :

To retain players by offering a physical twist on traditional gameplay and to draw in new ones like student Ruiz who are looking to break up the monotony of working out.

The campaign appeals to parents and other caregivers worried about the amount of time children spend glued to screens. And the games help counter the stereotype of the sedentary player, sitting in a chair for hours on end.

STUDENT TIFFANY RUIZ HAD TRIED various gym apps, workout routines and diets, all in effort to get fit and lose some weight.

'None of them worked because none of them kept my interest,'' she said. Now, Ms. Ruiz is working out at least four times a week, thanks to a video game.

In her bedroom, she sprints, squats stretches and performs other exercises like knee lifts and shoulder presses, all while battling a musclebound dragon and its toadies in Ring Fit Adventure, a new game from Nintendo of Japan.

''I am so focused on beating the high score or conquering an enemy that before I know it, 30 minutes have passed,'' said Ms. Ruiz, 26, who is studying to become a nursing assistant in Bakersfield, Calif.

Ring Fit Adventure, created for Nintendo Switch console, is the latest effort by the video game industry to try to entice consumers to get off the couch and become more active.

 ''Developers are trying to reach people who want fun and fitness at the same time,'' said Rik Ebergardt, a program manager at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Game Lab. ''They know fitness is a good for them, but it can feel like a chore in their busy lives.''   

Fitness games make up just 1 percent of the market, but the overall industry is steadily growing. Sales of games, across all platforms generated $35.4 billion in the United States last year, up 2 percent from 2018, according to NPD Group, a market research firm.

''Our latest data shows 73 percent of U.S. consumers play video games of one sort or another,'' said Mat Piscatella, an industry analyst for NPD. ''Given the wide range of the players, the industry does have great opportunity to provide more gaming experience variety.''

''Exergaming,'' a portmanteau of exercise and gaming, has been around since the late 1980s, when  Bandai introduced Power Pad,a gray mat with with pressure sensors, for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Games now use motion sensors, smartwatches and even virtual reality to track movement.

The gameplay has changed, too. Some games disguise fitness routines in the form of role-playing, dancing or other activities like running from zombies. Others are fitness and health apps that lead users through workouts with gamelike features such as scoreboards, real-time feedback and multiplayer options.

Ninetendo's Wii game console brought exergaming into the mainstream in 2006. Its Wii Fit game incorporated a balance board so players burned calories through calisthenics and yoga.

''The Wii had the fastest adoption rate in the U.S. of any console in the first three years,'' Mr. Piscatella said. Wii fit remains one of the best-selling games in the United States according to NPD.

Nintendo's two main competitors, Microsoft and Sony, followed its lead, adding motion-detection cameras to their consoles. Games like Just Dance and Zumba Fitness : Join the Party, which were available on Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony consoles, were ''breakout successes'' in the  motion era, Mr. Priscatella said.

Since then, the industry has been overturned by the rise of  mobile devices, which allow games to be played on the go.

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