Headline, February 26 2019/ '' ' TENSE THOUSAND TEARS ' ''


TEARS ' ''

AS DECREED BY THE FOUNDERS FRAMERS : The World Students Society's human heart will always remain open to the pain of others. Come hell or high water !

To this great honor the students of the entire world affix their word before their conscience, Almighty God and man

TENSE THOUSAND TEARS : 'DEPAYSEMENT' IS A FRENCH WORD whose literal meaning is  ''to be a without a country.''

THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY IS OBSERVING and recording every single suffering and terror and tragedy in the world. The world is assured that we will miss nothing

!WOW! the exclusive ownership of every student of India, just as it is the exclusive ownership of every student in the world, has the cardinal steering point of ''Moral Imagination''.

The great people of India - our brothers and sisters - and the people of Proud Pakistan are united by our common history and our beautiful future of love, understanding and  freedom.

Tragic and suffering photographs and videos have the power to move us is ways that others  photographs, no matter how moving, rarely do. They trigger an empathy that's both profound and unquestioning.

When we see a student-child in danger, our immediate impulse is to intervene, and we don't stop to interrogate that impulse. What kind of a person wonders whether it's right to protect a student-child?

MORE THAN THAT - THOUGH, WHAT we feel when we look at images of students - children, in pain or terror or death is surely tied to our innate capacity for justice.

Children did not cause and cannot possibly understand what we are doing to them, and their innocence is a reminder of our own moral obligation, their suffering a spur to action.

The world has changed since David Jackson photographed face of Emmett Till and Nick Ut captured the napalm-burned body of Phan Thi Kim Phuc.

Last summer, Julia Le Duc photographed the bodies of Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez and his 23-month-old daughter, Valeria Facedown in the mud alongside the Rio Grande.

The photos went viral on social media, a visceral reminder of the desperation of migrants seeking asylum in US. And yet US is no closer to a reasonable immigration policy now than it was when baby Valeria died with her tiny arm wrapped around her father's neck.

Nor is US any closer to a gun policy that protects schoolchildren or economic policy that protects the working poor.

Perhaps there are just too many photos now, too many bloody troughs of suffering in too many God-forsaken places, to focus for long on any one tragedy.

Perhaps our distrust of technology, our suspicion that the images have been manipulated, or that we ourselves are being manipulated, makes it too easy to distrust our own response to them, too.

But so long as we are continue to be moved, even unconsciously, by the iconic photographs of our age, there is hope.

So long as photographs - and novels and poems and songs and plays and paintings and every other kind of art that filters the world through the moral imagination - teach us to see what we might otherwise overlook, there is a chance for change.

Our global failure to to develop a humane and coherent policy towards any of conflicts that cause the suffering of children is a temporary failure.

Government offices can change hands. Policies can change direction. What doesn't change is the authority of human heart open to the pain of others.

Nick Ut's photo of Phan Thi Kim Phuc taught is something crucial about casual brutality of war, but it reminds us of something equally crucial : the power of human compassion.

Ms. Kim Phuc's younger brother died from wounds sustained in the same napalm attack that she survived. And she survived thanks to the quick actions of Mr. Ut, who doused her with water and took her to a hospital in Saigon for care.

Only after she was safe did he take his film into the darkroom to see what he had seen.

With respectful  dedication to the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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