Headline, February 24 2019/ '' ' MACHINES FRANKENSTEIN NONSENSE ' ''



THE CULTURE OF EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA GIANT say, TikTok is shaped by hidden factors in ways that may lead to unexpected outcomes.

Once a machine-learning system has been running for a while, the decisions can become mysterious even to its creators. The TikTok algorithm is a kind of Frankenstein's monster. If the monster sought videos of teenager's dancing to Megan Thee Stallion in their bedrooms instead of revenge.

For this reason, no human being can really say why Angelmamii's phone-charger videos is so popular, not even Angelmamii?''

I AM GOING TO DESCRIBE THAT VIDEO - THAT threw me into a pit of despair : It begins with a woman into the aisle of a big-box store and telling a tween boy that she needs phone chargers.

He asks why; she says all her chargers are missing. ''You came to the right place,'' he says, gesturing to the rack next to him.
''This is Android, though,'' the woman says. ''I need iPhone''.

The boy tells her she will find iPhone chargers if she takes five steps back. Here the performance shifts from mere stiltedness to a kind of hateful Kabuki. an affected defiance of how people naturally act :

She walks backward, counting her steps. then turns and slaps. ''Whoa,'' she says. ''That was so... amazing.'' She drops a charger trying to take it off the rack. ''Whoops,'' she says, looking at the camera without affect.

The boy says, ''Androids are trash, but they make a living'' - a phrase that comes to me unbidden as I fall asleep. jolting me awake in a way I imagine is common to unpunished murders. The woman says that iPhones make a living, too, and asks,'' You ready to cash out?'' Then it's over.

This clip  has been reportedly been viewed more than four million times on Tik-Tok, the Chinese-owned video-sharing app that is especially popular among teen-agers.

The creator of the video, @Angelmamii7, has uploaded dozens like it, but this one is the masterpiece  that started it all.

Now she has a middling sort of viral flame that includes 690,000 followers on TikTok; a less popular but more monetizable YouTube channel, and write-ups in online publications like Business Insider and The Daily Dot.

''Thousands of words have been written analyzing her work, but no one seems to know why the charger video - which contains no jokes, no surprises, no stakes, so suspense, no changing in the characters or their circumstances and nothing that a normal person would call a story - is so popular.''

The short explanation is that TikTok has served it to a large number of users via its algorithmically  curated feed, a tautology that points to some fundamental differences between TikTok and other platforms that recommend user-generated content.

While all social media companies treat their algorithms as trade secrets, sites like Facebook and  known to rely largely on friend networks to guess what a given user might like; if your co-workers watched a particular video, the Facebook algorithm will probably suggest it you.

But TikTok, which has no friend network, relies on an algorithm driven by artificial intelligence.

According to an article in FAST COMPANY, the TikTok algorithm analyzes the video's a user has already watched, along a wide variety of  metrics - some of which operate below the level of perception, such as facial structures and types of voices.

The A.I. recommends new videos it ''thinks'' a user will like, sees if it guessed right and learns accordingly.

After watching hours of these videos, I realized there's no use trying to make sense of any of them, but taken as a body of work, they tell a story : the struggles of a person trying to go viral again.

To watch several in succession is to watch increasingly familiar characters endure a kind of  psychological experiment, in which they get rewarded, or don't according to a system they cannot understand.

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