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JOY OF LIVING it seems, is everywhere these days. It is used to sell boxes at Ikea. It is included in ads for drinks at McDonald's and as a prescriptive for female hygiene. There are T-shirts that tout joy as ''an act of resistance''

''There is the ''Chasing Joy'' podcast. And a number of books are being published this year devoted to joyful living, including marriage productivity, even how to live more like Hugh Jackman.

But if joy is everywhere, why does Happiness prove so elusive? Haven't we learned anything since 2014 when Marie Kondo taught us that cleaning our closets was a path to bliss? Well, so much has changed since then. President Trump has divided Americans into two camps : angry and  angrier.

Our world is threatened with viruses and climate change. And the booming United States economy is showing signs of fatigue.

It is no wonder that people are calculating well-being in mere moments.

''In an age of despair, choosing joy is a revolutionary act,'' said Douglas Abrams, an author of ''The Book of Joy : Lasting Happiness in a Changing World,'' a 2010 best seller he wrote with Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama.

Joy is more attainable, he said. ''Happiness seems like it is outside of us, in some perfect moment.''

So, are we living in a post happiness world? According to the World Happiness Report, which ranks  156 countries based on inhabitants' perception and well-being, happiness in the United States is declining. Americans said they were less content in 2018 than a year earlier, ranking No. 19 behind Australia and Canada.

The 24-hour news cycle, combined with the onslaught of natural disasters, social upheaval and political strife, has left Americans and the world at large exhausted. Worse, the agitation shows no sign of abating: psychologists suggest that anxiety is on the rise.

To explore this question, I called Ingrid Fetell Lee, the author of ''Joyful : The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness.''

Many people do not know what happiness is, she said, and find the definition hard to pin down. Indeed, happiness does have a certain subjectivity to it. Experts, though, describe it as a positive state of overall well-being combined with a sense that one's life has a meaning.

Joy, by contrast, is delight in moments that, by their nature, are fleeting. ''I don't need to be happy to feel joy,'' Ms. Fetell Lee said.

Joy can be inspired by something as simple as tossing confetti or talking a walk outdoors. She added,'' I don't have to worry about making everything awesome in my life.''

Michelle Shiota, an associate professor of social psychology at Arizona State University, tried an experiment last January. ''I started to a diary of ''a moment of joy per day,'' said Dr. Shiota, who goes by Lani. ''I lasted until mid-February. Then I was toast.''

Tabulating a daily moment was overwhelming. ''And joy can be found in quiet, she said. ''It shouldn't always mean high arousal.''

Social media. though has hastened a cultural shift towards instantaneous gratification. ''We've moved more to a microview of well-being, having positivity in the minute,'' said Dacher Keitner, director of  Greater Good Science Center of the University of California, Berkeley.

And that makes him wonder, ''Are we just careening from moment to moment?''

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