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Videos have begun to stream. The Students of Kashmir, Rohingyas, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Chile, Argentina and even the whole world, ought to rejoice.

The students will now be seen and heard, the entire world over, and over, and yet again. Around election time, and just beyond though, we take on TikTok and YouTube.   

STUDENT TOMISIN - 17, A TIKTOK CREATOR who uses bathroom videos to discuss topics  including racism, dating and Rihanna, estimated that about 30 percent of his recommended feed was bathroom videos. ''It's definitely a standard format,'' he said.

WHILE TIKTOK AS A SOCIAL MEDIA behemoth is fairly new its start in the United States was in 2018 - people have been using the bathroom mirror to create Internet content for years.

Cringey mirror selfies are all over Snapchat and Instagram; some of the most iconic Vines like  ''shower time and Diesel jeans'' or ''Hi welcome to the Chili's'' were shot in bathroom.

OPEN UP TIKTOK AND THERE'S a good chance you'' be confronted by a teenager in the bathroom.

Most home bathrooms are well lit and have nice, bright acoustics. Unlike the kitchen, living rooms or even bedroom, bathrooms are private spaces, where parents and siblings are trained to not barge in.

It's almost inevitable that they would become the prefect stage set for the dramatic entrances, exits, skits, dances and story times of TikTok, the short-form social media app that has grown wildly popular in the last year.

Videos set in the bathroom consistently outperform those shot elsewhere, many creators say.

They call it ''the bathroom effect.'' Milli2nd, a 21-year old music producer known for performing with mirrored pyramid over his head, said he has shot the same video in multiple settings and the bathroom versions win. ''Ones I have done in the bathroom get much more views,'' he said.

Colby Schnacky, 23, said he has shot 12 bathroom videos, each of which has over 500,000 views. He tried other things, like shooting in selfie mode, but bathroom videos do so well that he continues to post them there.

Evan Alberto, 21, estimated nearly half his videos are filmed in a bathroom. ''When you see someone walk into the bathroom, it's like cliffhanger but in the beginning,'' he said. ''You open the door, you point the camera at the mirror, it's a hook.''

Daniel Mitch, 20, said he thinks it's the full body aspect of the bathroom videos that makes them appealing.

''Being able to see how someone's holding the phone or their their full body language when they're in the mirror, you can do a lot with that to make your video funnier in general,'' he said. He estimated that half of TikTok videos have been filmed in the bathroom.

In typically quirky TikTok fashion, the bathroom mirror has been a consistent reflection of the community's unique ability to make the ordinary, be it washing your hands or flipping on a light switch, low-key extraordinary,'' said Gregory Justice, the head of content operations at TikTok.

But if YouTube documented a generation of American bedrooms. TikTok makes the American bathroom inescapable.

Jacob Pace, the chief executive of Flighthouse, a marketing agency and media brand, said : ''They're everywhere.''

According to Vanessa Flaherty, the executive vice president of talent at Digital Brand Architects, a social influencer talent management agency, where selfies first cropped up, ''the reason those were so appealing is that they appeared very off the cuff and nit staged.''

''The videos in front of  the bathroom mirror have that same quality,'' she said. ''They're not staged, there isn't production value.''

The honor and serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Social Videos and Students, continues. The World Students Society thanks author, Taylor Lorenz.

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