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The master founder technologists on The World Students Society have begun practising and experimenting video streaming. Just so soon, and in the nearest of future, the world will have a video voice.

Create A Personal Cloud :
Streaming services like Netflix, Apple TV Plus and Hulu offer a buffet of TV shows and movies to binge on. Similarly Spotify and Apple Music give you instant access to millions of songs.

But streaming services don't have access to everything out there, like obscure art house films or live performances by music artists.

But there's a clever approach that involves creating your own media cloud, which acts like an online locker for your own content.

Michael Calore, an editor for Wired and part-time D.J., said that when Spotify lacks his favorite music, he extracts the songs from a disc and uploads them to Google Play Music app from his smartphone.

''It's basically like my own private streaming music service,'' he said. In general, people can apply this approach to any songs they can't get on streaming services.
Google Play Music lets you upload your own songs to a cloud library and stream them through the app.

For movies, streaming app like Plex or Infuse 6 let you play movies from a TV app or smartphone. A personal cloud?

A HEALTHY UNFOLLOWING REGIMEN can work wonders. Have a friend who posts only negative things? Or one who only writes rude comments.

GO to their pages, and click unfollow. Your feed will become quieter and more pleasant. So what happened with my digitally disappeared friend?


I love Instagram. My Instagram feed consists of 60 percent dog photos, 30 percent travel photos, and 10 percent photos posted by friends. It is always, and entirely, a positive part of my digital life.

I follow one account that is, I kind you not, just close-ups of dog noses. How can you not smile when something like that shows up on your feed?

Instagaram is significantly easier to make pleasant than Facebook and Twitter : Just don't follow accounts or hashtags you don't like.

If someone posts only pictures of their amazing travels [and of that, I am very guilty], and that brings you down........don't follow them. You can also limit who sees your posts to cut down on people commenting and even mute other people's feeds and stories.

The exception to this simplicity is the search tab, which shows seemingly random photos from random accounts.

I've heard people complain that Instagram highlights only influencers and bad beauty tips on the search page.

But the search page is absolutely not random. Instagram knows what you look at. Not just what you search for, but what you tap on. Keep tapping on something and Instagram will assume that's what you want to see.

So, quiet simply, if Instagram is showing you things, you don't like, don't click on them. Click on something else.

It won't take long to adjust and show you that. If you want to get rid of what you don't like faster, you can even have the app it less. Or just skip the search page altogether and look only at the accounts you follow.

So what happened with my digitally disappeared friend? Well, she' still gone. Fir selfish reasons that makes me sad, as I don't get to see what she's up to with any regularity.

But we still talk every few weeks to catch up. For her, though, it's been an an entirely positive step.

You can always reactivate accounts. Or even just start new ones, with a very select group of friends. Perhaps after some time off, you'll have a better idea of what you miss and what you want out of the these services.

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