Headline, January 27 2019/ '' ' DANCING DIGITAL DRACULA ' ''


BILLIONS BY MILLIONS - in the current state of the modern world - are screaming for the  attention of The World Students Society.

''ONLY The World Students Society can and will and would - in the years ahead - solve mankind's problems of :
Freedom, education, jobs, poverty, illiteracy, extremism, desperation, mass-migration, sufferings, supremacy, racism, pedophiles, and wars. 

167.5 DIGITALLY : YES 167.5 FACTORING HONORS. Let social Media launch you right upwards to the Space Stations.

A great friend of mine digitally disappeared recently. Dropped all social media. Several others mentioned they might do the same. No doubt you've seen similar posts from people you know [and students you don't] and about needing a break from their digital lives.

On one hand, I can sympathize. The current state of the modern world is a billion voices screaming for your attention, and it's easy to let the most negative ones filter through and bring you down.

It can be exhausting, and if your real life is already a struggle, adding digital gloom can be overwhelming.

IN THE MASTER years ahead, The World Students Society - [the exclusive ownership of the students of the world] is projected to have over 2 billion active users, every day.

It doesn't have to be that way. Through conscious and careful effort I've forced the three major social media platforms to become positive aspects of my life, or at worst, neutral.

While some of that is a boast about how awesome my friends are, it's really about knowing how to make these services work for you in a beneficial way, not drag you down with their endless streams detrimental detritus.

Sure, using apps and browser plug-ins, and even just turning off notifications, can help, but the steps here are all within each platform's own apps are meant to help a lot. Here's how :

Facebook is a behemoth. With over 1.5 billion daily active users, it is a safe bet that you have an account, or at least you did at some point. What started as an innocuous way to share photos with friends has become something else entirely.

And because Facebook has become such an integral part of modern existence, its quirks have become part of the social mores. Jokes about ''unfriending'' someone and the political and social ramifications that go with that are everywhere.

Blocking people is nearly as severe, preventing others from seeing or commenting on your posts. In some situations, those paths can be useful. The easiest way to make Facebook livable, though, is far stealthier : Unfollow.

For example, take Jonathan Burbridge, 43, years old. He recently came close to dropping Facebook entirely. His reason was, in my opinion, perfectly logical :
''Facebook insists on showing me every argument one of my friends has with their racist relatives that I've never met.''

While Facebook has updated its algorithm a lot recently, it still thinks you'd be interested in what your friends are talking about. If your friends get in arguments all the time with strangers, you're going to see that.

His solution was to unfollow everyone. If you unfollow someone, you don't see their posts or their conversations. You're still friends and they can still see your posts, but you won't see theirs or their comments on stranger's feeds.

Your own news feed is also.......rather empty. However, you can choose to click to see what your friends have posted. You'll still see posts for any groups that you're in, presuming you still follow them. Jonathan re-followed a select few people, one who he knows do not argue online.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Social Media Students, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Geoffrey Morrison.

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