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THE WORLD STUDENT HAS A MULTIPLIER OF 167.5 : Like an Everest Iceberg,  just the very visible conical top. 'You have got to take it one day, one year, one game at a time.'' 

God willing, you will see and experience and follow the whole scene You have never scene before. And with that the students of the entire world rise and shine, and give the ''Founder Framers'', a resounding standing ovation :

!WOW! : the world's greatest ever game you all got to invent and well, beyond. All in the sublime and sacrosanct service of mankind. God Bless You All, with even greater strengths.

The Students of Israel equal the students of Cyprus who equal the mighty students of India who equal the rising students of Russia, who equal all the students of the entire world, and who flow and merge with the Ecosystem 2011.

Someday, in the every near years, !WOW! will be a multi-multi Trillion dollar business all owned by the Students of the entire World
The generations to eternity will remember you all with the greatest and ever growing respect..

WOMEN AND MINORITIES CONFRONT an industry that very seldom reflects them. The outline of Davionne Gooden's new computer game may feel familiar : The main character must defeat villains to reach an ultimate goal.

But woven in are elements that set the game apart. The main character is stuck in a coma, and the villains are nightmares. Players confront issues of anxiety and depression. And through an all black cast, Mr. Gooden deliberately features the experiences of people typically absent from mainstream games.

''If you're a white creator, you rarely think about that,'' he said. Games are a multibillion-dollar business that has remained largely white and largely male.

Five years after the so-called Gamer gate controversy exposed the kind of toxicity that can lurk in a community where diverse perspectives are under-represented, little seems to have changed for minorities and women in the industry.Today, people Like Mr. Gooden still confront an industry that infrequently reflects who they are.

Three out of four people working in the gaming industry are men. Almost the same proportion identifies as white. And those numbers have hardly budged since 2018, according to the surveys by the nonprofit international Game Developers Association.

''If you're a young person of color playing games,'' you don't really see yourself represented,'' said  Mitu Khandaker a professor in New York University's game-center. ''That kind of instills in you this sense that maybe I don't really belong.''

That lack of diversity in mainstream games - these made by the handful of large development companies - can be cyclical, turning people away from the industry, said Dr. Khandaker, who is also the chief executive of  Glow Up Games, a Game studio focused on Diversity.

Women, for example, are rarely promoted to senior positions to made the heads of studios. And many players say toxic harassment online is still an everyday fear.

Some, like Mr. Gooden, 21, see signs of hope. He started making games after he got his first laptop in the fifth grade and discovered a game-development program online. He never stopped.

In Mr. Gooden's role-playing game, She Dreams Elsewhere, the main character, Thalia Sullivan, navigates her own mind, battling nightmares, as she tries to eventually figure out how she fell into a coma.

The most recent survey by the developers association found that 81 percent of those in the industry feel that diversity in the workplace is either very important or somewhat important, up from 63 percent in in 2015.

And developers have more outlets to get their games in the hands of players, including online platforms  like Steam, crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and game conferencing and festivals.
''I am an optimist,'' Mr. Gooden said. ''I hope that things will eventually be better as a whole.''

When Gamergate unfolded in 2014, the world was exposed to toxic side of games. Led off by a misogynistic post from a game developer's ex-boyfriend, mobs online publicly attacked female creators and players in a targeted harassment campaign. Women routinely received rape and death threats.

Dietrich Squinkifer, better known as Squinky, knew many of the victims. Watching friends being targeted was scary, but not surprising for Squinky, who uses the pronouns ''they'' and ''them'' . Squinky had tangled with the same culture before.

Squinky began making games in the early 2000s. The first job in the industry was with Telltale Games, a company based in San Rafael, Calif, known for the Walking Dead, a zombie apocalypse adventure game.

Squinky, now 33, increasingly tried to advocate a better understanding of race, gender and sexuality in the industry. Colleagues saw Squinky as a trouble maker, and bosses were quick with reprimands.
Squinky burned out of mainstream games.

Now, Squinky pursues independent, artistic projects, like Robot Slow Dance, a game in which people use controllers to make two miniature foam and metal robots dance with each other.

''I think that's part of the reason a lot of my focus in my work has gone more toward more experimentality, installation and performance art, following more of an art world tradition,'' Squinky said.

''I am to some degree scared of creating something that will get popular enough within the video game world community that it does receive that kind of backlash.''

The game is a commentary on social gender norms, which don't exist for robots. ''They won't make  the same assumptions as humans,'' Squinky said.

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