Headline, January 11 2019/ STUDENTS : '' ' BRAIN VERSUS TECHO ' ''



ASLEEP NO MORE : THE ONLY WAY we can make peace with technology is to make peace with our selves.

THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY - the exclusive ownership of every student in the world, just so rises. to give the entire humanity, a standing ovation.

NOW REMEMBER with our Paleolithic instincts, we're simply unable to resist technology's gifts. But this just doesn't compromise our privacy. It also compromises our ability to take collective actions.

That's because our Paleolithic brains aren't built for omniscient awareness of the world's sufferings. Our online news feeds aggregate all of the world's pains and cruelty, dragging our brains into a kind of learned helplessness.

Technology that provides us with near-complete knowledge without a commensurate level of agency isn't humane.

This is a profound spiritual moment for you all :
To create humane technology we need to think deeply about human nature, and that means more than just talking about privacy.

We need to understand our natural strengths - our capacity for self-awareness and critical thinking,  for reasoned debate and self reflection - as well as our weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and the parts of our selves that we've lost control over.

Our Paleolithic brains also aren't wired for truth-seeking. Information that confirms our beliefs makes us feel good; the information that challenges our beliefs doesn't.

Tech giants that give us more of what we we click on are intrinsically divisive. Decades after splitting the atom, technology has split society into different ideological universes.

Simply put, technology has outmatched our brains, diminishing our capacity to address the world's most pressing challenges.

The advertising business model built on exploiting this mismatch has created the attention economy. In return, we get the ''free'' downgrading of humanity.

This leaves us profoundly unsafe. With two billion humans trapped in these environments, the attention economy has turned us into a civilization that maladapted for its own survival.

Here's the good news : We are the only species self-aware enough to identify this mismatch between our brains and the technology we use. Which means we have the power to reverse these trends.

The question is whether we can rise to the challenge, whether we can look deep within ourselves and use that wisdom create a new, radically more humane technology.

'Know thyself,'' the ancients exhorted. We must bring our godlike technology back from into alignment with an honest understanding of our limits.

This may sound pretty abstract, but there are concrete actions we can take.

First, policy-makers can create a special tax for tech giants - a ''downgrading tax'' - that would make their business models, based on extracting and exhausting our attention spans -

Prohibitively expensive, while redistributing wealth to journalism, public education and the creation of new platforms that privilege human values and service to society

Second, instead of joining free media social platforms that benefit from turning us into addicted, narcissistic extremists, we could agree to pay subscription fees to services that shun ''likes'' for features that empower our lives offscreen, making these services, in essence, fiduciaries acting in the best of humanity.

Third, instead of spreading disinformation, digital platforms could radically strengthen the media infrastructures that protect us from malicious viral and tech enabled distortions like ''deepfakes'' .

In 2020 plus, onward and forward, the world and the students must educate themselves about the threat posed by technology's race to outmatch our brains.

With respectful dedication to Humanity, Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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