Headline, January 08 2019/ '' ' PEARLS -i PHONE- PERMS ' ''

'' ' PEARLS -i PHONE- 

PERMS ' ''

IOS 13 COMES WITH TONS and tons of tools under the hood.

You can now do everything by voice alone, even ''push'' the buttons on the edges. And there's one in particular that is worth its weight in pure gold :

When you're creating a Reminder, you can turn on ''Remind me when I am messaging'' and then tap Choose Person to pluck somebody's name from Contacts.

When you next begin messaging this person, the reminder will pop up. It's ideal for moments when you're preparing for bed and remember : ''Oh shoot - I forgot to ask Robin to return my Tesla.


There's no more Loupe - the magnifying glass that has made placing the text-insertion point easier for the last 12 years. Instead, you're supposed to drag the blinking insertion point with your finger. It gets larger as you drag it into position.

Alternatively, use the iPhone's invisible trackpad. When you long-press Space bar, all the keys go blank; you've just turned the entire keyboard area into a trackpad. Keep your finger down; slide it around to move your cursor.

Once you've highlighted some text, you can tap anywhere with three fingers to summon a new toolbar, bearing Icons for cut, Copy and Paste.

But toolbar, schmoolbar - it's even faster to use the new three-finger gestures.

For Copy, pinch on the screen with three fingers. For Cut, do that twice. For Paste, tap where you want to paste, and then unpinch with three fingers [spread them].

You, no doubt, never make mistakes - but for the record, you can now Undo by swiping left with three fingers. [Swipe right for the Redo.]


In the beginning, there was Find My iPhone : a feature that you locate a lost phone from iCloud.com.

In iOS 13, incredibly, that works even if the phone has no Internet connection - if, for example, you left it in some Montana bus stop that has no signal.

Apple has turned the world's 1,4 billion other iPhones, iPads and Macs into remote detectors for your phone.
Any passing iOS 13 iPhone will, unbeknown to its owner, pick up your phone's silent Bluetooth beacon signal and relay its location back to you.

To make all of this happen so securely that neither Apple nor anybody else can locate your phone, Apple designed a solution that requires you to own a second Apple device; it's the only machine capable of decrypting your phone's location.

[You can turn the feature off in Settings, tapping your name, then Find My, and Find My iPhone.]


The Photos tab of the Photos app presents your entire photos collection in a delightful and efficient way; As grids of photos labeled Years, Months and Days, [Videos play silently in place as you browse.]

Each presents representative photos; the software omits duplicates, duds and screenshots.
You can time-zoom in or out - from Years to Months to Days, or the other way by pinching or spreading two fingers

The Edit screen has some new options :
Vibrance, Sharpness, Definition; vertical and horizontal perspective correction : and Vignette, which darkens or brightens the corner of the photos.

For the first time in iPhone history you can zoom in on a photo while editing.

Perhaps most valuable of all :
You can perform an editing maneuver on videos just as easily as on photos. That includes all the color-collection tools, perspective fixing tools, cropping tools and even rotating tools.

At last you can fix videos that the phone mistakenly captured sideways.


You'd need a hundred articles like this one to document all of the minor improvements, but The World Students Society, will try rounding off the most outstanding ones in the last part.

The Honor and Serving of the latest Operational Research on IOS 13 continues.

With respectful dedication to the Apple's Fans - the world entire over, and then the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

See Ya all prepare and register for Great Global Elections on The World Students Society - most lovingly and respectfully called, !WOW!
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