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THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY is just so blessed by 'Almighty God,' to give every single one of his creations, complete freedom

THE WORLD STUDENTS SHALL EVER, and will ever, 'never have any minorities''. We are all equal. Just ever and so. So, we forever stay within the parameters of pure Greatness.

The most reassuring prospect the mind can see in the New Year is the unravelling of the Hindutva plot.

MOTHER INDIA : ever and more belongs to our brothers and sisters of India. In the worst of times, we can only debate and vote and endeavour to accept and at times just moan.

India belongs to ''The Taj Mahal''  :
Mirza Ghalib sahab, Mir Taqi Mir sahib, Madhubala Jee, Dilip Kumar sahab, Sunil Dutt sahab, Vijyanthimala jee, Poet Gulzar sahab, Javed Akhter sahab, Privithiraj Kapoor sahab, Amitabh sahab, Kapil Dev sahab, Tendulkar sahab,

Bishen Singh Bedi sahab, Krishan Chander sahab, Navjot Sidhu sahab, and Nargis sahiba and Shabana Azimi sahiba.

But India also belongs to the world. And, to The World Students Society with Vishnu and Lakshmi, its very loved and revered, ''Framer Founders.''

The Citizenship Act of 1955, though a combination of Jus soli and jus sanguinis, is compatible with the constitutional design. Yet it confers equal rights on all citizens without discrimination regardless of caste, creed, tribe or gender.

Under Atal Behari Vajpee, then prime minster, an amendment was enacted to undermine jus soli in favor of jas sanguinis. It excluded people born in India with one illegal-migrant parent.

THE FREEDOM MAN stood his ground the other day against a baton-wielding policeman at the  Jamia Millia students protest In Delhi :
 ''I'm not a Muslim. Here's my janeo. Hit me too since I'm protesting.''

The image trumped the visual chaos of violence, and shore up hope with more self-assuredness.

Modi coud have followed Germany that moved in a more inclusive direction, combining elements of both just soli as well as jus sanguinis, instead of  majoritarian Donald Trump, who fears like hell, all minorities.

AND THEN NOT SO LONG AGO, the time is the early 1980s. The place is the South China Sea. A sailor aboard the U.S.S Midway, an an aircraft carrier, spots a leaky boat jammed with people fleeing tyranny in Indochina.

It helps bring the desperate refugees to safety, one of them calls out ''Hello, American sailor - Hello, Freedom Man.''

It's the sort of a story Americans used to like hearing about themselves. So much so, in fact, that Ronald Reagan told it in his 1980 farewell address, by way of underscoring how much went right for the United States, when, as he put it, ''We stood again, for freedom.'' Not anymore.

When the world looks at the United States, it sings a sorry song. Goodbye America. Goodbye Freedom Man.

That's the global lesson from the regional retreat in Syria, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine and I could go on and on and cover the entire post and publishing.

The president made his case, as he usually does, in a series of tweets some weeks ago. Like their author, the tweets were by turn, sophomoric and self-important, flippant and destructive.

He praised the Kurds as ''special people and wonderful fighters'' who ''no way have we Abandoned'' - and yet he abandoned them.

He praised Turkey for being ''good to deal with'' and ''an important member in good standing of NATO'' - after warning that he would ''totally destroy and obliterate'' its economy if it did anything he didn't like.

He boasted that ''The stupid endless wars, for us, are ending!'' - but took the one step most likely to speed their resumption and expansion. And he congratulated himself for his ''great and unmatched wisdom.'' Of course.

Closer to the mark in assessing the results of the American withdrawal was Javad Zarif, the Iranian foreign minister, who said of the U.S. that it was ''futile to seek its permission or rely on it for security.''

To survive the Turkish onslaught, the Kurdish forces we have cavallerly betrayed have had little choice but to try to reach an accommodation with Bashar al-Assad.

That will allow the Damascus dictator to consolidate his grip on the country he has brutalized for nearly 20 years.

The Importance Of Access :
Suppose, then Modi in his desperation to win at any cost decides to dismiss Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's government to set the stage to capture the power of the state in 2021.

Nothing is impossible after what he did with Maharashtra, where he tried to sneak in his own chief minister in a pre-dawn coup sorts.

Maharashtra stalled Modi and shored up the opposition. A critical historical fact is that the Marathas are the only cohesive force after the Mughals and before the British to have come within a whisker of ruling India.

They today comprise the core of the Indian state apparatus, straddling every wing of it, and therefore, are not to be trifled with. This much again one can say with eyes closed.

SYMBOLISM sometimes becomes more real than the reality it shadows. Observing and applauding the dark times Indians are fighting against with the blend of grit and determination.

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Good Night and God Bless

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