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REBRANDING THE WORLD : AND MY HEART WILL HEAR YOU AND BEAT if I had lain for a century dead .........

IN THE YEAR 2120 - PRETTY LITTLE GROUP OF GIRLS - would gather up for a 'Camp Fire Log', someplace in this vast universe:

They would log in on The Ecosystem 2011, click to Sam Museum of History, and identify and listen to the HeartBeats of :

President Trump, Prime Minister Modi, Captain Imran Khan, Prime Minister Natanyahu   Prime Minister Boris Jonson, Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Putin, President Xi, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe......

They would giggle with delight and then click and identify and listen to the Heartbeats of the  Founder Framers :

Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Dee, Saima, Sarah, Zilli Lakshmi, Juniper, Aqsa, Sameen, Hussain, Ali , Shahzaib, Bilal, Jordan,Vishnu, and  Haider,     

They would offer a prayer for all of them, up in Heavens and thank them for building a very beautiful world of Love, Peace, Tolerance, Humility, Hardwork, Democracy, and Selfless Service.

Facial recognition is a technology that can be used to identify people without their knowledge or consent.

It relies on the prevalence of cameras, which are becoming both more powerful and smaller and machine learning technologies that that can match the output of these cameras with images from a database of existing photos.

But that's just one identification technology among many. People can be identified at a distance by their heart beat or by their gait, using a laser-based system.

Cameras are so good that they can read fingerprints and it iris patterns from meters away.

And even without any of these technologies, we can always be identified because our smartphones broadcast unique numbers called MAC addresses.

Other things identify us as well : our phone numbers, our credit card numbers, the license plates on our cars. China, for example, uses multiple identification technologies to support it's surveillance state.

Once we are identified, the data about who we are and what we are doing can be correlated with other data collected at other times. This might be movement data, which can be used to ''follow'' us as we move throughout our day.

It can be purchasing data, Internet browsing data or data who we talk to via email or text, It might be data about our income, ethnicity, life style, profession and interests.

There is an entire industry of data brokers who make a living analyzing and augmenting data about who we are - using surveillance data collected by all sorts of companies and then sold without our knowledge or consent.

There is a huge - and almost entirely unregulated - data broker industry in the United States that trades on our information.

This is how large companies Internet companies like Google and Facebook make money. It's not just that they know who we are, it's that they correlate what they know about us to create profiles about who we are and what our interests are.

This is why many companies buy license plate data from states. It's also why companies like Google  are buying health records, and part of the reason Google bought the company Fitbit, along with all of its data.

The whole purpose of this process is for companies - and governments - to treat individuals differently. We are shown different ads on the Internet and receive different offers for credit cards.

Smart billboards display different advertisements based on who we are. In the future we might be treated differently when we walk into a store, just we currently are when we visit websites.

The point is that it doesn't matter which technology is used to identify people.

That there currently is no comprehensive database of heart beats or gaits doesn't make the technologies that gather them any less effective.

The whole point of modern surveillance is to treat people differently, and facial recognition technologies are only small part of that.

The Honor and serving of this Latest Global Operational Research and writings on Facial Recognition, continues. The World Students society thanks author Bruce Schneider, Harvard Kennedy School.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Scientists, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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