ISTANBUL : Turkey unveiled its first fully domestically-produced car on Friday, saying it aimed to eventually produce up to 175,000 a year of the electric vehicle in a project expected to cost 22 billion lira [$3.7 billion] over 13 years.

The project has been a long-time goal of President Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling AK Party as a demonstration of the country's growing economic power.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, Erdogan said Turkey aimed not only to sell the car domestically but also wanted it to become a global brand, staring with Europe.

''We're all together witnessing Turkey's 60-year old dream become reality,'' he said referring to failed plans in the past to build a fully home-produced car.
''When we see this car on roads around the whole world, we will have reached our goal.''

Following his speech, a red SUV model of the car and another grey sedan one were raised on to the stage, sporting the TOGG label of the consortium that build them.

Erdogan said that the charging infrastructure for electric cars would be ready nationwide by 2022. [Reuters]


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