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THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY - for every subject in the world, rises to wish the entire world : ''A Very Happy New Year!''

Unhappiness today arrives carrying so many various banners : Poverty, illiteracy, diseases, viruses, corrupt governance, money laundering, corruption, unemployment, Climate change, persecutions, regional wars, violence......................

And The World Students Society notes that ''extremism, racism, nativism, and isolationism, rage, abnormality, driven by fear and unknown, tend to spike in periods of  economic and social stress,''

Periods, that is, like our own, when change of every sort is blowing across the globe.

APOCALYPSE IS NOT YET UPON OUR WORLD as the 2010s draw to an end, but there are portents of growing disorder.

The hopes nourished during the opening years of the decade - hopes that the world was on a progressive path towards growing equality and freedom, hopes that technology held answers to some of our pressing problems -

Have given way, with what feels like head-swiveling speed, to a dark and divisive new era.

Fear and distrust are just so much ascendant now. And everything you viewed, bought and searched for online was being sold and commodified, and that algorithms were shaping our lives in untold ways.

In what was likely the hottest decade on record, scientists warned that climate change was swiftly approaching a ''point of no return'', we learned that glaciers were melting at record speed at the top of the world; and fires raged in Australia, Amazon, and California other unknown parts - ever growing, ever furious.

Many of these troubling developments didn't happen overnight. The World Students Society thanks author, Michiko Kakutani. Our future depends on Students and Communities.

Engaged Communities Are Strong Communities

Pilsen's leadership engaged the community in lobbying Chicago's liquor-licensing authorities to close down the seedy bars where the worst criminals gathered.

They involved local businesses in the creation of training opportunities. They encouraged their neighbors to report criminal incidents to the police as a group, so gangs could not target individual informants, and to make themselves visible on the streets at night.

As Pilsen started to crowd out crime, businesses started crowding in Pilsen is far from wealthy today, but residents have decent livelihoods, the community is much safer and prospects have improved for its children.

Social Media now allows leadership to crowdsource ideas and give willing volunteers more responsibilities. In turn, they engaged  community can use information technology to monitor officials, and curtail corruption and laziness.

With Empowerment Comes Ownership

Why can't community leaders choose which taverns to license, or which businesses to welcome, and with which tax incentives and regulations? Empowered communities can attract businesses more appropriate to their needs.

And information technology enables corporations to mange local differences in regulation and taxation at a lower cost than in the past.

Lower empowerment is not a utopian ideal. In Switzerland, citizens speak three different national languages and a quarter of the population is foreign born. Many decisions are passed from the center to 26 administrative subdivisions, or cantons, or even further down to the 3,000 or so municipalities, based on the principle of ''subsidiarity''.

This requires that government decisions be delegated to the lowest level capable of considering them effectively. For example, the Swiss federal government is responsible for institutes of technology; the cantons are responsible for high schools; and the municipalities control primary schools and kindergartens.

Decentralization and more democratic engagement do not solve everything. Switzerland makes its shares of decisions that are poorly informed or unfair to local minorities.

But there are legal checks and balances to guard against. egregious errors. Moreover, the right to decide - and even to make mistakes gives the community ownership of its decisions, and with it an incentive to do better.

Freedom In No-Strings Funding

Communities in economic decline may have limited ability to raise new taxes. Financial support from the regional or national governments or from private philanthropies, if free from constraints, can help seed local projects.

As communities revive local assets become more valuable, allowing for continued financing if the community can maintain ownership.

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