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''The central tenet of this 'three-part publishing and advice' is to avoid doing anything on work-issued computer or account that you don't want your employer to see.''

Joanna Gramma, senior consultant at Vantage Technology Consulting Group, suggested, ''Use your smartphone when you want to access your personal social media.''


Since its online and not software installed on your computers, it's easy to think of G-suite, which includes services like Gmail, Google Docs and Sheets, as private productivity software.

But the Freedom of the Press Foundation notes several reasons shouldn't use a company-issued Google account to store your private data.

Administrative users with G Suite Enterprise can search for specific phrases in an employee's emails and documents, just like you can in your own account. Employers can set up audits to be notified of of suspicious behaviour and create custom scripts for retaining data.

For example, an employer could establish a process by which your email drafts are saved even if they're never sent. If you've ever considered drafting a resignation email calling your boss a jerk, do so elsewhere.

As for non-Gmail employee email accounts, you can safely assume they're being monitored, too. Mr. Blum said:

''We can see people's emails. There's only a select few people, but nothing  is technically not viewable,'' Due to risk of sharing insider information, the number of individuals who have access to employee emails is usually small.

The same goes for chat software, including Slack. Admins have access to private messages, and Slack saves messages on its servers.

You should avoid signing into other personal messaging apps, like Apple Messages or Google Hangouts.

Not only would your employer potentially have access to those messages, but you also make yourself susceptible to embarrassing moments, like receiving a private message when you're screen sharing.

If you want to trash-talk your co-workers or your company, do it over a third-party app [like Signal] on your personal phone.


Your employer almost certainly monitors your Internet traffic. But beyond watching out for the obvious stuff, this probably isn't as nefarious as you think. Blum said it'd be aware of ''basic web traffic'' only.

If you think you can use a VPN to hide what you do, think again. ''We deploy endpoint protection,'' Mr. Blum said.

''Even in the event you install a local on a laptop, we can still see the DNS traffic. We have an agent so when it connects back up, it'll shoot over whatever history was there. But while you're connected to the VPN, it'll still be anonymized by the VPN you're using.''

Even if your employer doesn't care much about your browsing habits, it's still best to avoid doing any personal business - like side hustle or hobbies - on your work computer. But you don't have to be paranoid about everything.

''You can pay all your bills,'' Mr. Blum noted.

Joanna Grama, senior consultant at Vantage Technology Consulting Group, suggested, ''use your smartphone when you want to access your personal social media.

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