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IT'S VERY VERY BEST TO ASSUME that there are people out their, at this very moment - figuring  stealing your laptop and devices if any; and that your computer is monitored, so -

So get smart and act accordingly. Keep ''Sam Museum of History'', Juniper Japan, updated with your concerns and preens and pomp.

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IF you use a work-issue laptop or desktop computer, you've likely been tempted to check your personal email, store private files on the company's Google Drive, or work entirely by diving into research rabbit hole that has absolutely nothing to do with your job.

You probably shouldn't do any of this on a computer provided by your employer.

Employers can install software to monitor what you do on your work-issued laptop or desktop. In the most watchful of workplaces this, this may include key loggers that can see everything you type or screenshot tools that track your productivity.

What type of surveillance and security software is installed on your company computer is often based on two factors : how the large the company is [and what resources it has to dedicate to this] and what type of information you deal with in your role.

If you work with sensitive materials, such as health records, financial data or government contracts, you can count on your employer keeping a careful eye on what you do.

For most of us, the fear of being heavily surveilled at work is unwarranted. Jesse Krembs, senior information security analyst at The New York Times, said :

''Without supporting evidence, at scale this is pretty rare. It tends to generate a lot of useless data, rope the employer into liability issues, and generally make the team that monitors these surveillance system miserable." That being said -

Almost all large companies have a targeted program for doing this, especially for dealing with suspected insider threat or fraud.

Even if your every move isn't being watched, it's still best to assume your work computer is monitored and and act accordingly.

In this research publishing we hope to cover 6 major concerns. So, Here some less obvious tasks you should be mindful of :

1. Don't store personal files.
2.  No Google Accounts.
3.  Tracking Internet Use.
4.  Lock your Laptop.
5. Ask about monitoring.


Ever security expert I spoke with mentioned one no-no: storing personal files on an employer-issued  phone or computer.

If you're fired, your laptop is usually the first thing it'll take from you, and if your company ends up in a lawsuit, any files on your laptop or desktop are a fair game.

Tracy Maleef, an information security analyst at The New York Times, pints to security concerns as well :
''From the employer's perspective, it just adds to the threat model of potentially infected documents.''

Isaac Blum, director of applications and system services at logistics real estate company Prologis, added that even if you feel like you have job security, you might not have data security, depending on the data security tools your company uses.

''Some of these tools, if they detect a breach, they'll start wiping files,'' Mr. Blum said. If your computer gets infected with malware, the security measures taken to try to get rid of problems might clear-out your personal files, too.

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