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In India over 20 dead and thousands by thousands arrested, and hundreds by hundreds go missing. India writhes in planned self-inflicted convulsions. And.......

''President Macron, Sir : Your Excellency, the French police used military grade bullets and shells, imported from Switzerland, on the Yellow Vest Heroes? Sir, Who allowed that and Why?''

HISTORY AND THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY WILL RECORD the blood-soaked days of all these many years of worst mass-killings and maiming of protesters, and students, at the merciless hands of many, many leaders, the entire world over.. 

These happenings and events raise series of important questions. Why is the world seemingly indifferent to human rights? How does these governments justify such use of brutal means to crush -dissent?

The World Students Society pays respects : 'You students of the free world, and this great nation,  America : Is there anything that the international community can do to alleviate this terror filled situation?'

''POWER NEVER RELINQUISHES ITS HOLD ON PEOPLE,'' wrote, this good man, director  Mahesh Bhatt, ''unless people put their life on line and lock horns with power. Time for all the freedom loving people to walk their talk in India. You are what you do, not what you say you want to do.''

THE BJP-led Indian government managed to draw the wrath of the Indian citizens with the new Citizenship Amendment Act that is being protested against nationwide.

Millions of fair-minded and great humans of India have stood up and tall and It has also been  opposed by Bollywood celebrities including Alia Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Mahesh Bhatt and Shabana Azmi among others.

Ali recently took to Instagram to express her support and solidarity toward student led protests happening in the country which are being met with police violence, reported The Hindustan Times.

''LEARN FROM THE STUDENTS,' 'the actor wrote on her Instagram stories alongside a picture of the Indian Preamble of the Constitution. The 27-year old indicated that her support lied with the  students fighting for secular India and not the jingoistic stance of the government.

And then India has the dubious distinction of a world record in shutting out its citizens and shutting down the Internet.

The legality of India's Internet shutdowns has been tested in court. All shutdowns are supposed to be authorized by top state or national officials. In practice, most are ordered by the local authorities, sometimes with just a few phone calls to local service providers. With protests on the rise, the nations goes tops in cutting off access.

The effectiveness of these shutdowns isn't clear. Research by Jan Rydzak, a scholar at Stanford University in California, suggests that the information vacuum caused by an Internet shutdown can actually encourage violent responses.

Last Tuesday protests broke out across the country once again over the citizenship law. In  Kolkata, protesters blocked highways, and in New Delhi, police officials clashed with the demonstrators, firing tear gas and pulling away participants by the collars of their jackets.

In Taamil Nadu and Kerala, opposition politicians led by rowdy rallies against the new-citizenship law, the Citizenship Amendment Act, which favors non-Muslim immigrants seeking citizenship in India.

Many people are also upset about the  National Register of Citizens, a citizenship review process that has already left nearly 2 million people in Assam potentially stateless.

Amit Shah, India's home minister, and Mr. Modi's right-hand man has vowed to take the citizenship reviews nationwide.

Many Indians, especially members of the Muslim minority, believe that with new measures, the Modi government is plotting to strip away rights from Muslims.

They fear that the government could force citizenship reviews on all Indians and that Hindus without the proper papers would be allowed to stay in India while Muslims without the correct papers would be asked to leave.

Mahesh Bhatt summed up with great honor :

''We believe the citizenship amendment bill is discriminatory and in violation of our constitutional values. We do not accept the bill and if it become law we will boycott its execution.

We pledge, not to submit any documents so demanded to prove our citizenship, long live constitution of India, long live unity of India.''

The honor and sorrow in the Global Operational Research on Internet and the World, continues.

With respectful dedication to The People of India, and Founders Vishnu and Lakshmi of !WOW!,  Students, Professors and Teachers, and then the world.

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