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IN A WORLD full of criminals, utter crooks, , snake  oil salesmen,  multi-faced creeps,   extremists- supremacists, pedophiles, predators, thieves, manipulators,  greedy scums, hoarders, and generally, in every way, a lower form of life, !WOW! shines through. 

''Fool us once, shame on you. Fool  us in  the future, shame on us.'' The World Students Society  -for every subject in the world, thanks author, Suzzane Nossel.

American democracy has a target on its back : Disinformation has become a firm fixture of political campaign in the digital age. A political crisis revolving around disinformation is very easy to imagine.

Tim Berners-Lee invented the world. Only    The   World   Students Society can fix  it.     And Tim   Berners-Lee, with all   the honors of !WOW!,  continues :

I'm introducing a new approach overcome that stalemate -the Contract for the Web.

The Contract for the Web is a global plan of action created over the past year by activists, academics,  companies, governments and citizens from across the world to make sure our online world is safe, empowering and genuinely for everyone.

The contract outlines steps to prevent the deliberate misuse of the web and our information. For example, it calls on   governments to publish   public data    registries, so that they are no longer able to conceal from their own citizens how their data is being used.

 If governments are sharing our data with private companies   -or buying data  broker lists from   them  -we have the right to know and take action.

The contract sets out ways to improve system design to eradicate incentives that reward clickbait or the spread of disinformation. Targeted political advertising is giving political parties the ability to subvert the debate.

We need platforms to open their black boxes and clearly explain how they're minimizing or eliminating risks their products pose to the society.

In my view, governments should impose an immediate ban on targeted political advertising to restore trust in our public discourse.

Crucially, the contract contains concrete actions to tackle the negative - even if unintended - consequences of platform design. For example, why on an exercise app should women have to worry that their precise jogging routes are shared by default with other users?

Perhaps because they were designed by people not thinking about the safety needs of women. We need a tremendously more diverse work force in our technology industries to make sure their products serve all groups.

And companies should release reports that meaningfully demonstrate their progress towards those diversity goals.

To make the online world a place worth being in, we must all use the Contract for the Web to fight now for the web we want.

Governments must support their citizens online and ensure that their rights are protected through effective regulation and enforcement.

Companies must look beyond next-quarter results and understand that long-term success means building products that are good for society and that people can trust them.

There's already a powerful coalition backing the contract. The governments of nations such as France, Germany and Ghana have signed up to the principles.

The tech giants Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Reddit sit alongside other specialists such as the search engine Duck Duck Go in committing to action.

Many civil society organizations, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Reporters Without Borders and AccessNow, have joined the growing movement, as well as individuals such as Representative Ro Khanna of California.

In endorsing the contract, governments and companies commit to taking concrete action across several issues.

Some changes may take a long time : We are not expecting overnight transformation. But we will track their efforts, and if they fail to make progress, they will lose their status as backer of the contract.

The contract is already being used to inform policy decisions, as a best practice guide for government and company officials, and as a tool to help civil society advocate change, measure progress and hold government and companies accountable.

But that alone is not enough. Our World Wide Web Foundation, together with its global partners, will work to mobilize people around the world. As elections approach, raise these issues with your political representatives and candidates.

The best way to change the priorities and actions of those in power is to speak up. Join our foundations, our partners and people around the world in the fight for the web.

Join up on !WOW! : The World Students Society.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Scientists, Inventors, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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