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INCLUDING INDIA MOST OF THE POVERTY STRICKEN WORLD is seething in endearing flames and blistering heat.

The Students are very much UP and About, and by the millions have looked at, to thank The World Students Society for bringing Freedom of thought and action, to the Universe.

The World Students Society rises to give the students of the entire world a resounding and unending ovation.
''May Almighty God, in his infinite mercy and wisdom, protect and guide you all.'' AMEEN!

MASTER PSYCHOLOGIST FREUD - Sir, just so, had a very masterly point:

Humans were inherently irrational and that their 'natural' irrational impulses [the 'id'] ate kept in check by 'artificial' means of civility.

He went on to claim that man's irrational natural was not entirely suppressed by the 'artificial civility.' It often seeped out in the shape of of phobias and neurosis.

Similarly, to Marcuse and his new Left comrades, the overall economic contentment found in    industrialised nations was an 'artificial construct,' shaped by capitalism which suppressed man inherent 'natural spirit' to be more dynamic and revolutionary. 
THESE days talk of socialism is creating a buzz of sorts on various university campuses, an on social media. But which stand of socialism is being talked about?

I conducted a quick study, and I can somewhat conclude that it is not any classical form of    socialism, even though many recent enthusiasts are likely to swear, or at least pretend, they they have read Marx, Lenin and Mao in the entirety and find them to be great sages.

It is not classical socialism because names of men such as the next US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders also keeps popping up.

Nevertheless, those currently propagating socialism and swearing by it [in more ways than one] are largely ambiguous about what their socialism is really about.

I believe this is by design, considering the damaged historical baggage that socialism carries, the heaviest being its sweeping defeat at the hands of capitalism in the 1990s.

Philosopher and author Dr. Stephen Hicks has studied this purposeful ambiguity in his book, Skepticism and Socialism :

From Rousseau to Foucault. He charts its revolutions from the tactics of the original figureheads of what emerged in the early 1960s as 'The New Left'.

Hicks writes that, from the early 1960s onwards, a lot of young Marxist intellectuals were perturbed when the news began to trickle in about the horrors of collectivist economic policies in communist countries, and of sweeping purges.

With capitalism's pragmatic appropriation of various ideas formulated by socialism - and due to capitalism's own reformed ideas of economic growth - it became apparent that the classical Marxian prediction that the exploits of capitalism would create monumental proletariat uprisings in industrial societies had come to naught.

Led by German-American intellectual Herbert Marcuse, the new Left began to shape a different variation of socialism, aimed at a whole new generation of young people in a time when capitalism, in the industrial democracies, was eroding the appeal of a socialist order.

Simultaneously, many disastrous economic experiments were taking place in communist regions.

For example, between the 1930s and the early 1960s millions starved and died due-to man made famines and environmental degradation in the Soviet Union and China. 

In an essay for the July 1979 issue of Socialist Scientist, KL Julka wrote that the New Left Intellectuals confessed to the failure of the Marxian view of capitalism and its relation to the human behavior without agreeing that capitalism had proven to be more successful and enduring idea.

Instead after unloading the more materialistic and 'scientific' musings of Marxism, Marxism and its New Left contemporaries, inspired by the Frankfurt School of which Marcuse was a leading light, incorporated theories of the German psychologist Sigmund Freud to form a new socialist understanding of capitalism.

The Honor and serving of great thinking and writing on The World, continues The World Students Society thanks author N.F. Paracha.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders Thinkers, Philosophers, Psychologists, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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