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THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY RISES : to give this great nation, The United States of America. a standing ovation :
All Grandparents, All Parents, All Students, All Professors, All Teachers.

The World Students Society is the exclusive ownership of every student of America : ''OneShare- Piece-Peace'', just as it is the exclusive ownership of every single student in the world.

IN AN AGE defined by political dysfunction, the appeal of any sort of democratically secured victory - however small, however pathetic isn't hard to understand.

And for that, we thank, author Jamie Lauren Keiles.

The Students of the world should never forget : What we stand for : Helping Build A Better World right through to eternity.

After the social media age is over, The World Students Society will have the opportunity to rebuild your damaged public places that imitate actual town halls, concert venues and pedestrian friendly sidewalks.

These are the places where people can socialize or debate with a large community but they can do it anonymously. If they want to, they can just be faces in the crowd, not data streams loaded with personal evil information.

Looking for ideas, I talked to Mikki Kendall, author of the book ''Amazons, Abolitionists, and Activists,'' Ms. Kendall has thought a lot about how to deal with troublemakers in online communities.

In 2014, she was one of several activists on Black Twitter who noticed inflammatory tweets from people claiming to be black feminists.

To help figure out who was real and who wasn't, she and others started tweeting out the fake account names with the tag #yourslipisshowing, created by the activist Shafiqah Hudson. In essence, the curated arena of Black Twitter acted as a check on a public attack by anonymous trolls.

Mr. Kendall believes that a similar mechanism will help people figure out fakes in the future. She  predicts that social media will be supplanted by immersive 3-D worlds where the opportunities for misinformation and con artistry will be immeasurable.

"'We're going to have really intricately fake people,'' she said. But there will also be ways get at the truth behind the airbrushing and cat-ear filters. It will hinge on that low-tech practice known as meeting face-to-face. ''You're going to see people saying, 'I met so-and-so' and that becomes your street cred,'' she explained.

People who aren't willing to meet up in person, no matter how persuasive their online personas, simply won't be trusted. She imagines a version of what happened with #yourslipisshowing, where people who share virtual spaces will alert one another to possible fakes.

If avatars are claiming to be part of a group, but nobody in that group has met them., it will be an instant warning sign.

The legacy of social media will be a world thirsty for new kinds of public experiences.

To rebuild the public sphere, we'll need to to use what we've learned from billion-dollar social experiments like Facebook, and marginalized communities like Black Twitter.

We'll have to carve out genuinely private spaces too, curated by people we know and trust.

Perhaps the one part of Facebook we'll want to hold on to in this future will be the indispensable phrase in its drop-down menu to describe relationships : ''It's complicated.''

Public life has been irrevocably changed by social media, now it's time for something else.

We need to stop handing off responsibility for maintaining public space to corporations and algorithms - and give it back to human beings. We may need to slow down, but we've created democracies out of chaos before. We can do it again.

With respectful dedication To O'' Captain, Prime Minister Imran Khan - Proud Pakistan, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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Good Night and God Bless

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