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A MAN WEARING COWBOY HAT bites into a thick, juicy burger.

A look of suspicion spreads across his face as he realises he had been tricked into thinking he is eating beef when it is Burger King's plant-based Rebel Whopper.

''I am a damn fool!'' he says.

Under the hood Food groups count on meat-free cash cows. Breed of start-ups charges into plant-based products but herd of big rivals such as Tyson and Maple Leaf looms.

The scene from Burger King's television ad campaign for the Rebel Whopper, which went on sale in 25 countries in Europe this week, is a play on how restaurants and food manufacturing hawking alternative proteins are trying to win over mass-market consumer by making the products look, taste and feel like meat.

A breed of start-ups such as impossible Foods and Beyond Meat has turbocharged growth of the  plant-based meat market, which UBS estimates will reach $50 billion by 2025.

.- > SOME OF THE UK's most popular health websites are sharing people's sensitive data - including medical symptoms, diagnoses, drug names and menstrual and fertility information - with dozens of companies.

Using open-source to analyse 100 health websites, which include WebMD, Healthline and Bupa, a financial times investigation found that 79 percent of the sites dropped cookies - bits of code that enable third party groups to track individuals around the web.

It was done without the consent that is legal requirement in the UK. Google's advertising arm  DoubleClick was by far the most common destination for data, showing up on 78 percent of the sites tested, followed by Amazon, which was present in 48 percent.

.- > Two of the world's biggest fund management bosses have called for a rethink of capitalism and its obsession with constant economic growth.

Anne Richards, chief executive of Fidelity International, said the world must end ''our obsession with  ever-increasing GDP'' and the ''primacy of share holders'' to foster the kind of long-term rethinking that would help protect the environment.

Andreas Utermann, the CEO of Allianz Global Investors, said the world's growth mania was clearly unsustainable, and suggested that capitalism in its current form was ''borrowing from the future while destroying the environment.

.- > Walgreens Boots Alliance received a buyout proposal from KKR, a deal though would be the biggest private equity transaction on record.

The approach for the drug store chain, just three years after KKR sold the last of the shares in Walgreens from a previous buyout, was outlined in a document shared with with the company's board, according to people briefed on the matter.

.- > Norway's $ 1 trillion oil fund is selling its shares in G4S over concerns that the security company is responsible for alleged human rights violations in the Middle East.

The investor, which was a top 20 shareholder in G4S this year, said its decisions followed an investigation by the fund's council on ethics.

It found that migrant workers in the Middle East were being harassed, had their passports confiscated, and were being paid lower wages than agreed.

G4S said it had ''carried out a robust investigation into the issues raised by the Council on Ethics into G4S's employment practices in Qatar and the UAE.''

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