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APPLE'S PUSH INTO TV CONTENT AND other services is an attempt to leverage its installed base, estimated at 1 billions users of 1.5 billion devices.

New purchases of iPhones are declining but Apple can mitigate the damage if it can create new lines of revenue.

The iPhone maker is offering a free 12-month trial for Apple's TV+ to anyone who purchases a new iPhone, computer or iPad. With iPhone sales alone at 200 million devices per year, Apple should be able to grab 100 million subscribers in three or four years., said Wedbush analyst Daniel Iyes, making itself competitive with Netflix and its 160 million subscribers.

Bundling is an element of the race to sign up ending streaming customers. Disney, which won 10 million subscribers within 24 hours of its streaming launch last week, is offering Disney+ free for a year to some customers of Verizon. 

QUALITY over quantity as Apple nears production deal with former HBO chief.

When Richard Plepler left his perch as head of HBO in February, it was the end of an era for a cable network synonymous with high-quality television.

The 59-year-old has been in New York plotting his comeback. He has started RLP & Cowith the goal of continuing to make dramas, comedies and documentaries, though it was initially unclear who might distribute them.

Mr. Plepler's plans came into focus with news that he is nearing an exclusive deal with Apple, which is pushing a TV streaming service. People close to the negotiations expect it to be signed next week or so.

His arrival at Apple would be a coup for its service, which has been scrutinised for launching this month with only a handful of shows, against the vast libraries of Disney and Netflix.

Critics panned Apple's marquee series. The Morning Show, which Apple had shelled out more than $250 million to make.The wooing of Mr. Plepler signals that Apple is more serious about its entertainment plan than the industry had believed.

Mr. Plepler's arrival at Apple would present a fresh challenge to Netflix, which has battled with HBO for Emmy awards. HBO has won more than 160 of the gongs since 2013, when Mr. Plepler became chief executive of the network, receiving more nominations than any other network each year until last year.

Apple has the cash to meet Mr. Plepler's ambitions. It has committed more than $6 billion to making shows for its Apple TV + service.

Eddy Cue, who leads Apple services business, has long admired Mr. Plepler's management of HBO and had previously tried to tap Mr. Plepler for Apple, according to people familiar with the matter.

After AT&T's purchase of Time Warner closed last year, Mr. Plepler clashed against his bosses, John Stankey and Randall Stephenson, whom he viewed as too focused on data and out of touch with the entertainment business.

His relationship with the top brass at Apple has been more harmonious. One filmmaker who has worked with Apple noted the company's ''theatric sense of showmanship'' - a big bang marketing approach that might prove a good fit with Mr. Plepler's style.

One executive who has worked with the group said. ''They really want to start out as very curated., all high-end and premium. So it fits the Apple brand. They are aiming for the top.''

Rich Greenfield, a partner at tech research firm LightShed Partners, said that Apple and Mr. Plepler would be a ''brilliant'' match. ''Since the first day when Apple described its vision with Spielberg, Oprah, Reese Witherspoon and others, it always seemed they aspire to be an HBO-like premium product.

Apple's dtermination to land Mr. Pleple suggests content may still be king. ''I think the industry continues underestimate how serious Apple is, but with 200 million households that buy Apple devices every year, that's a staggering potential audience,'' Mr. Greenfield said.

''The key is to make great content.''

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