OUR Travel Tips column has advised you how to pack and how to take vacation photos. But which outfits both travel effortlessly and make for enviable posts on social media?

The answer combines color coordination, personal style, destination mindfulness and knowing what pops on Instagram.

Your Setting Informs Your Palette
Preparation is key to Instagram-worthy travel photos, said Rasaan Wyzard, a fashion stylist. ''I think ahead about my environment when i travel,'' he said, ''where am i going, and what I'm going to wear.''

Colors matter, and a shortcut to standout photos to choose clothes that contrast with your destination's color scheme. For poolside photos, bright red, orange, white or hot pink are better choices for swimsuits or cover-ups than blue, to better stand out against the water.

For settings with warmer tones, like the brown of the dessert or beach, try jewel tones, deep blues and whites.

Know What Looks Best
Review your past travel photos to see which clothing or colours work best. If you're not sure about some pieces, practice photos can show you how they translate to the small screen.

Check out what works at the site too, by following the destination's hashtags .

Marco Milani, a fashion stylist who specializes in celebrity dressing, says that in a hectic cityscape, a timeless coat can add a note of quiet.

''The city is already a busy place,'' he said, so don't make it busier with what you're wearing.

Remember to Layer
A flowing full-length dress in a bright color or print, or a large colorful scarf can give your photos a sense of movement and more options for posing. But of you don't want to traipse through the jungle or a dusty city in a billowy garment, throw a light crushable one in your bag to pop over T-shirt and shorts.

Or tote around two or three different colored scarves to don if you see an Instagram-worthy opportunity.
Packing clothes that ''are all in the same palette or can mix and match'' give you the most options, Mr. Milani said. ''It's nice to have a lot of versatility without a lot of clothes.''

Instagram For Two
Going to a wedding with a plus one? Choose a palette like earth tones, neutrals, pastels or blues. A   color scheme allows you coordinate without looking like too much of a match.

Be Mindful
It's easy to be consciously or subconsciously influenced by celebrities' social media accounts and trends [see duck lips], so use those feeds and these guidelines in conjunction with your own style and personality, rather than as a replacement for it.

The World Students Society thanks author Julie Weed.


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