Headline November 18 2019/ '' ' STUDENTS -FLEEING- HONG KONG' ''



NEARLY SIX MONTHS INTO antigovernment protests, life in Hong Kong has dramatically changed, pushing the economy into recession -
Fraying faith in the authorities and pitting neighbors against one another. 

The turmoil has op-ended a city long known for its worldclass transport, gleaming towers of global finance and cosmopolitan aura, and it has the potential to alter Hong Kong's character.

Some of the wounds maybe lasting. Violent confrontations with the police and the mass arrests of protesters have ended faith in the government and the legal system.

HONG KONG : MAINLAND CHINESE STUDENTS have begun fleeing campuses over security fears, police and university officials said on Wednesday, as the city's seething political crisis saw some of the worst violence this week.

The most intense clashes last Tuesday occurred at the Chinese University in Hong Kong, where pitched battles were fought with the police firing tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets and protesters throwing petrol bombs and bricks paralyzing the campus and the area around it.

A group of mainland students at CUHK attempted to depart the campus over safety concerns but had to be shuttled away by a police boat because they were unable to leave via obstructed roads.

''The police decided to deploy a police launch to assist the group of students to go to a safe location,'' the force said. Images on local outlet Stand News showed dozens of people - some carrying luggage - standing next to a vessel with police markings, purportedly fleeing the campus.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology meanwhile arranged a special bus service to ferry students from from its campus to a station that offers service to the mainland.

''While we are not aware to any imminent threat to campus safety, we understand some staff and students have the desire to leave campus.'' the university said in an email to the students.

The Hong Kong Baptist University suspended on-campus teaching two weeks before the scheduled end of the semester, switching to either online sessions or postponing classes altogether. It also announced online teaching arrangements for students who choose to return to mainland China.

CUHK later announced it too was ending the current term early because of the growing unrest. It was not immediately clear how many mainland Chinese students have left  Hong Kong during the latest escalation of violence.

A youth wing of the Communist Party in Shenzhen on Wednesday said it was offering free accommodation at its facilities for mainlanders studying in  Hing Kong. Other groups posted similar efforts on Weibo, China's Twitter-like social-media platform.

Separately, the Taiwanese government said it was making arrangements to help Taiwanese students in Hong Kong return home. The island's Mainland Affairs Council said 280 students were expected to return home on Wednesday and Thursday.

The protest movement is the biggest challenge to Beijing's rule since Hong Kong was returned by Britain in 1997, fuelled by fears that China is choking the liberties and freedom the city is meant to have under the handover deal.

Storefronts closed because of weekend demonstrations are now shuttered, for weeks even permanently.The healing process, though cannot begin until the protests end.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of Hong Kong, and then the world.

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