Headline November 15 2019/ '' ' U.S.A. - BLOCKCHAIN- CHINA ' '' : !WOW!

'' ' U.S.A. - BLOCKCHAIN -

 CHINA ' '' : !WOW!


Opening up some very great championship careers. Wonder where the hell does the The World Students Society stand on this?

The World Students Society, must stand up and tall, and prepare to compete both against the United  States and China on the Blockchain technology leadership.

ON Oct 29, 1969, professor Leonard Kleinrock and a team of UCLA got a computer to ''talk'' to a machine in what is now known as Silicon Valley.

The event gave birth to a network that later became known as the Internet - hailed, at first, as a boon to equality and enlightenment, but with a dark side that emerged as well.

As UCLA marked the anniversary, Professor Kleinrock is opening a new lab devoted to all things related to the Internet - particularly mitigating some of its unintended consequences, now affecting some four billion people worldwide.

''To some point, it democratises everyone,'' he said. ''But it is also a perfect formula for the dark side, as we have learned.''

So much is shouted online that moderate voices are drowned out and extreme viewpoints are amplified, spewing hate, misinformation and abuse, he contended.

Caught in the Web. The dark side of the Internet looms large, 50 years on. But now to the actual post, I sail:

BEIJING : China has launched an ambitious effort to challenge the US dominance in blockchain technology, which it could use for-

For everything from issuing digital money, to streaming a raft of government services and tracking Communist Party loyalty.

The technology received a crucial endorsement from President Xi Jinping last week, a signal that the government sees blockchain as an integral part of the country's plan to become a high-tech superpower.

Beijing is the latest in a handful of countries to have adopted a law strictly governing the encryption of data - particularly blockchain technology, which allows the storage and data exchange of data without going through an intermediary.

Reputedly unfalsifiable, blockchain is a database shared across a network of computers. Once a record has been added to the chain it is almost impossible to change.

It is perhaps best  known for underpinning the operation of cryptocurrenies such as bitcoin - which Beijing may seek to replicate as it pushes ahead with its plans for  world-leading government-run digital currency.

Although the new law for blockchain ''is still rather vague'', the country is clearly one of the most active in terms of regulation, Stanislas Pogorzelski, editor of the specialist site Cryptonaute.fr, said.

China has understood very well that to stay a superpower, you have to be at the forefront of new technologies,'' said Pogorzeiski.

Blockchain is set to play a key role in many sectors in the future, including digital finance, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and 5G.

It could also serve to make China's vast bureaucratic system more efficient.

The official Xinhua news agency said a blockchain-based system had been used for the first time to  automatically generate and file an enforcement case in Chinese court against a party who failed to pay damages in a mediation agreement.

With less human intervention, such systems could make judicial enforcement in China ''more intelligent and transparent,'' the agency said.

Chinese shares jumped this week as investors piled into stocks linked to blockchain, after Xi said China should step up research and development of the technology.

''Blockchain should play a bigger role in strengthening Chinese power in cyberspace, developing the digital economy and promoting socio-economic development,'' Xi said.

''The general sentiment of Xi's comments was simple,'' said Anthony Pompliano who writes a daily cryptocurrency newsletter.

''Blockchain technology is really important for the future and China plans to be the global leader,'' Pompliano added. The World Students Society thanks, AFP.

With respectful dedication to the Scientists, Inventors, Innovators, Champions, Students, Professors, and Teachers of the world.

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