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CODY SUNTER OF THE M.I.T. Media Lab said in 2012 that :
Minecraft's inventor hadn't just built a game, ''He's tricked 40 million people into learning to use CAD program,'' Mr. Sunter said, using an acronym for computer-aided design.

Minecraft helps people understand a building project. An architectural drawing usually offers only a birds-eye view. But in Minecraft, players walk around a building, go inside, look out windows, climb a tree, run around a soccer pitch.

To improve community structures with citizens input, the United Nations uses a computer game inspired by Lego.

THE LITTLE STUDENT WAS playing Minecraft. A game invented two years before by the Swedish company Mojang. It's not a typical video game :

In classic Minecraft, there's no enemy, you don't kill anyone or anything, and there's nothing to win. It's just a virtual version of Lego. Using Minecraft's building blocks, players create castles, villages entire worlds.

Forty million? More like 112 million active players every month. Today, it's the most down-loaded video game ever, according to a spokesman for Microsoft, which bought Mojang in 2014.

The branch of the United Nations that works to improve cities, U.N. - Hbaitat, brought Minecraft to Kiberia.

''When we first started, it felt like a crazy idea,'' said Pontus Westerberg, the program management officer. '
'But the most surprising thing is that it actually works. We see positive engagement in these workshops. It's a tool that gives ordinary people a way to think like an architect.''

Today people all over the world use Minecraft to design public space. The projects are collaboration of U.N. Habitat and the Block by Block foundation, which is funded by Microsoft and Mojang.

Together they work with community groups, usually in the slums of developing countries, where there is often just a bald patch of dust or no public space at all.

In Hanoi, for example, 45 schoolgirls used Minecraft to redesign pedestrian areas to create a safer walk to school.

In Mintrovica, Kosovo, a city that divided by a river into Albanian and Serb zones, people from both ethnicities came together to use Minecraft to improve the riverbank and market neighborhood at the bridge - the only place used by both communities.

In Mdantsane, a town in South Africa's Eastern Cape, students made Minecraft improvements to their school for boys with physical disabilities.

New technology can make designing with Minecraft even more vivid. In Braamfontein, a neighborhood in Johannesburg , the Swedish technology company Ericsson joined a project to design a plaza, adding a mixed reality component.

Each team's Minecraft redesign was uploaded onto a virtual reality version. Looking through a special phone, the young designers could walk around the plaza inside their own version of the space.

Some who work with Minecraft say it also encourages a richer discussion and more ideas. Many teenagers dream of playing video games for a living, James Delaney actually does it.

Six years ago, when he was 17, he founded Blockworks, a company in London that conducts educational and marketing projects with Minecraft. [Here are some jaw dropping examples : check out three maps of London's Great Fire of 1666].

In the undergraduate thesis he wrote last year, Mr. Delaney told the story of the Victoria and Albert Museum. When it opened a new entrance in 2017, the museum recruited Blockworks to run a Minecraft workshop asking students to reimagine the building's dazzling white porcelain courtyard.

None of the players had any verbal criticism of the of the courtyard. But most submitted redesigns that were very different : 75 percent of the players, for example put in trees, water or plants.

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