Headline November 05 2019/ APPS : '' 'ONLINE SLAVE BLACK MARKET' ''



NEARLY 25 MILLION PEOPLE worldwide are estimated to be victims of forced labour, while about - 25,000 human trafficking cases were recorded globally in 2016 -

Marking a 13 year high - Daily Mail reported, quoting from the latest available data from two UN agencies.

WOMEN could be 'bought' for as little as Pound 3,000.

UN Special Repporteur on Modern Slavery Urmila Bhoola said the tech companies should be held accountable as their services were facilitating the trade.

''What they are doing is promoting an online slave market,'' Bhoola Told the BBC.

CHILDREN as young as 16 are being sold as maids through smartphone apps.

Kuwait authorities have said they officially summoned the owners of several social media accounts  used to sell domestic workers as slaves, the BBC reported on its website on Saturday, uncovering a booming slave black market.

A BBC News Arabic investigation found online slave markets on apps provided and made by Google and Apple and Facebook-owned Instagram.

Women were offered for sale as workers via hashtags, such as ''maids for transfer'' or ''maids for sale'', the report said.

Earlier this week, the BBC News Arabic published its undercover investigation, which found domestic workers were being illegally bought and sold online in the black market. It said children as young as 16 were being trafficked into Kuwait and sold as maids.

The report added that the authorities said that those involved had been ordered to take down their ads.

Dr. Mubarak Al-Azimi, head of Kuwait's Public Authority for Manpower, said it was investigating a woman featured in the BBC report, who sold a 16-year old girl from Guinea via an app.

Some of the adverts were from people looking to sell their own domestic staff. Even when one police officer was trying to sell his domestic worker, who he described as 'very nice' and with a 'smiley' face. and never complains, according to Daily Mail report.

The police officer who also featured in the report is under investigation by the authorities, the BBC report said. AL-Azimi said arrests and compensations for the victims were possible outcomes of the action.

Kimberley Motley, an American international lawyer who has taken on the Guinea teenager's case, believed that ''the app development should definitely provide compensation for Fatou. As well as possibly Apple and Google.

''On Apple Store they proclaim that they are responsible for everything that's put  on the store. And  so our question is, what does that responsibility mean?'' She called for criminal charges against those involved in Trafficking Fatou to Kuwait.

Many of   the most widely used accounts for buying and selling domestic workers in the black market appeared to have stopped their activity. Google and Apple said that they were working with app developers  to prevent illegal activity on their platforms.

Instagram said it had also taken action since it was contacted by the BBC. It said it had removed further content across Facebook and Instagram, and would prevent the  creation of   new accounts   designed to be used for online slave market.

According to London-based Daily Mail newspaper, the undercover investigation found that 'potential buyers could scroll through the details of thousands of women available for domestic service in Kuwait through smartphone apps. The women could be 'bought' for as little as Pound 3,000.

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