I would like to formally apply to be judge and jury over Mark Zuckerberg

And it's not just my dream job if Facebook's newest idea to police itself better goes as planned. The company calls it latest efforts to manage the controversial information on its social-media service the Oversight Board.

The loft idea is to create a global group - what some are calling a Supreme Court - by year's end and make it fully operational by next November.

The independent board will judge appeals from users on material that has been taken down from the platform by the company, and it will review policy decisions that the company has submitted to the board.

It's much needed, It's hard to miss the rising dissatisfaction and frustration with Facebook. Users, regulators, politicians and the media have had enough with how it has evolved and how the co-creator and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg, has been responding to the many problems that seem to pop up daily.

Last week, we yet another controversy over the company's year-old policy to exempt politicians from its third-party fact-checking program, allowing them to lie in paid advertisements

Senator Elizabeth Warren the Democratic presidential candidate and Facebook's No. 1 government critic - gleefully produced a fake ad that appeared on the platform and falsely claimed that  Mr. Zuckerberg and his social network support President Trump in 2020 election.

This news came just as Mr. Zuckerberg has been meeting with conservative pundits to soothe their ire over their unproven conspiracy theories about Facebook bias against their right-leaning content.

Ms. fake ad was clever; it underscored the increasingly dystopian, manipulated, noisy, ugly digital mess that is social media.

SORTING out what is permitted on the platform and what is not, what is damaging and what is necessary, has been a gargantuan task for Facebook's leadership. It's a job that many people think the company has failed to figure out, and worse, maybe incapable of doing so.

NOW Facebook wants to let you know that it's going to do better, which is the go-to excuse of all tech companies when they screw up, along with the much used: I'm so sorry.

But the new idea is different than what came before and also a giant undertaking. The Oversight Board will eventually have 40 part-time members with staggered three-year terms that are renewable for nine years - and it will be funded through a trust paid for by the company.

FACEBOOK has presented many ideas over the years to limit the toxicity - problematic artificial intelligence monitoring or more troubled systems that employ overwhelmed human moderators's or even a blog effort in 2017 called ''Hard Questions,'' to name a few.

But this latest effort is intriguing - and even laudable.

So while the possibility of becoming a giant P.R.Potemkin village to assuage critics is very high, it deserves public support.

The honor and serving of the latest operational research on Facebook, The World, and !WOW!, continues.

The World Students Society thanks author Kara Swisher, an editor at large for the tech news website Recode and producer of the Recode Decode podcast and Code Conference. 


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