TAYLOR Swift among Billboard's Top 10 artists of All Time. Singer makes it to the list despite only a 15-year career.

Several names make it to the Billboards top charts every week. Some become songs of the week,  others make it to the list of  best-selling albums of the year. However, only a handful manages to make it to Billboard's ratings of the top 10 artists of all time.

At least, no recent pop sensation had achieved the feat till Taylor Swift came along and changed that.

With Swift ranking number eight, just below Michael Jackson's number seven and right above Stevie Wonder on number nine, she has become the first among artists of her age to debut on the Billboard's top artists of all time list, that too after only a 15-year long career only.

While Mariah Carey maintains the honor of the highest-ranked female on the list, it seems the Love Story singer, followed by her 'swifties' is aiming for bigger things.

Billboard unveiled its list of Top 125 Artists of All-Time, to celebrate its monumental 125th anniversary, based on the history of its Hot 100 song charts and 200 top albums.

To tease fans before revealing the entire list, the publication initially revealed the top 10 on social media and left everyone baffled.

The Beatles have maintained the number one position, being the only band to have crowned the charts 20 times in the 61 years of its dominance.

The Rolling Stones follow them at number two, powered by their nine albums that made it to Billboard's Top 200 - moving on to Elton John on number three, Mariah Cary on number four,

Madonna on number five, Barbra Streisand on number six, Michael Jackson on number seven,  Taylor Swift on number eight, Stevie Wonder on number none and Chicago on number ten.

Billboard reportedly came up with the rankings using a formula blending all titles calculated on both the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart and the Billboard 200 albums chart from 1958 until now.

The result is a list of music's all-time top artists based on sales and chart performance.

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