CLIMATE change activists target institutions financing fossil fuel exploration, infrastructure.

LONDON : Climate change activists targeted London's financial district on Monday blocking bank junction, vowing a day of disruption for major institutions which they said were financing environmental catastrophe.

Extinction Rebellion protesters blocked the streets around Bank in the heart of the City of London.

''The City of London is a preeminent nexus of power in the global system that is killing our world,'' said Carolina Rosa, spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion.

The activists will target major financial institutions which they say are financing fossil fuel exploration and infrastructure.

The group, which promotes a rebellion against the political economic and social structure of the modern world to avert the worst devastation outlined by scientists studying climate, is engaged in two weeks civil disobedience in London.

Police said there had been more than 1,300 arrests since the protests began.

''There are currently protesters blocking roads around Bank Junction,'' the City of London Police said on Tweeter, which has previously warned of disruptive demonstrations on Monday.

Extinction rebellion wants non-violent civil disobedience to force governments to cut carbon emissions and avert a climate crisis it says will bring starvation and social collapse. [Reuters] 


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