HISTORY has a habit of repeating itself in a very awkward manner.

During the 18th century when Napoleon's threat was high and it was expected that he might invade  British colonies, small militias started to form across the United Kingdom.

People stopped trusting the governance.

They formed militant groups based on ethnicity and religion - a last resort in defiance of the terror of war.

People took charge of their security and everything else when they believed on their own for the fright of war was higher than their trust in the monarch.

I have a strong feeling about the current technological advancement and this fifth-generation modern warfare that may prove to be detrimental if abuse of information and information technology is not stopped.

It has fraught us with impatience and anger.

We are in the age of information and the more you are exposed through these available technological, the more vulnerable to threats and insecurities you become. 

It impacts life, both at the national and the individual level.

Sourcing crowds for any social cause or increasing one's fan following has become easier than it has ever been.

Same goes for the abuse of the information. Sometimes it helps you become an even more concerned citizen, when one receives global or national attention, but most of the time it can be a pain in the neck.

Everywhere, anything you say or do can result in criticism and you can face it coming through even the most ineligible class of society which is not even qualified enough to judge your actions and choices. It can be really frustrating sometimes.

As to the solution of the negative effects of the misuse of information, time and again we will need to rethink about ensuring a higher compliance level with social and ethical standards that our religion and government has set for us.

You don't lose anything for being polite, courteous and helpful to others.

It should be above everything that can possibly divide the society, including racial discrimination, religion, political affiliation and all other choices that you make to live your life.

These simple ethical practices can help us regain institutional empowerment anywhere in the world.

These practices can magically propound humanity and soon the world can become an even better place.

The World Students Society thanks, and couldn't agree with the author, Maaz Ahmed, Karachi,  more.


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