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ADOLF HITLER DEVOTED HIMSELF to planning and practicing his beer-hall performances, using a mirror to perfect expressions and gestures. He was becoming a performer, an artist.

As Hitler himself put it a few years later in ''MEIN KAMPF.'' The correct use of propagandist is a true art. 

GERMANY'S NEW SOCIALIST government was challenged from the right by those unsatisfied with the peace, and from the far left by those who wanted to push forward to revolution.

As in much of Europe, attempts at left-wing revolution were met with harsher right-wing rejection. In Munich in April, a group of radical leftists tried to establish a Communist regime.

The central government in Berlin, although itself socialist, had the rebellion crushed by soldiers and freebooting right-wing paramiltaries; at least 600 people were killed. The experience taught army commanders in Bavaria that they would have to plan an active part in politics.

Hitler kept a low profile during these events until their outcome was clear, and then took an aggressive stand that would define his later career.

When he had returned from the hospital to Munich on Nov.21, 1918, he found the barracks, a place he had always found comfortable, governed by left-wing soldiers' councils. It was important to Hitler to stay in uniform, since his army pay was his only source of income. Elected as a representative by his comrades, he worked with these councils.

When the revolution of April 1919 divided them, Hitler seems to have stayed clear of the action. Only when the right-wing reaction prevailed did he pick a side, denouncing left-wing soldiers to officers.

He showed the qualities desired by an army that was now determined to get ahead of political developments and shape them.

On May 11, 1919, a new command was formed in Munich from elements of the army that had crushed the revolution. It included an information department, meant to penetrate and influence civil society and political parties.

Soldiers would be trained as political activists, acting covertly as agents of the armed forces to mold public opinion. This was Hitler's post-war assignment.

In June he attended special courses at Munich University designed to provide future agents with necessary ideological background. Hitler was particularly taken with economics lecture of Gotfried  Feder, who taught him to distinguish between productive [national] and unproductive [Jewish] capital.

In August Hitler was assigned re-educate German soldiers who had been held in prisoner-of-war camps. That month he took part in a discussion on responsibility for the war's outbreak, displaying as an officer reported a ''spirited and accessible style of speaking''.

His own talks on subject such as emigration of German and the terms of the postwar peace were well received. On Aug.28, his subject was capitalism, which he associated with Jews.

The next month his commander ordered him to infiltrate a tiny right-wing group known as the  German Workers Party [Deutsche Arbeiter-partei, or DAP]. It had been founded that January and had about 100 members at the time. Hitler attended one of its meetings at a beer hall on Sept 12, and by chance spoke up himself at the end. The leader of the DAP was impressed by Hitler's oratorical flourishes and urged him to join the party.

This was also, apparently, the wish of Hitler's superior officers. In his written application, he said that he wanted to be a propagandist : ''People tell me that I have a talent for it.'' He joined, but remained on the army payroll.

As Hitler's master biographer, Ian Kershaw, summarizes, the army ''turned Hitler into propagandist.'' Because Hitler was paid  by the army and had no other job, he could devote himself full time to this task. The situation was ideal for him.

The DAP already existed, so Hitler did not have to found his own group - something he would have found tiresome and unpoetic. But because the DAP was so small, he immediately stood out as its leading speaker.

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