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ON OCT.16, 1919, ADOLF HITLER became a propagandist.

It would be his chief occupation for the rest of his life. Without propaganda, he could never have become a public figure, let alone risen to power.

It was as a propagandist that he made a second world war possible, and defined Jews as Germany's foe. The form of his propaganda was inextricable from its content : the fictionalization of a globalized world into simple slogans, to be repeated until an enemy thus defined was exterminated.

Before 1919, Hitler was a slacker and a soldier. He was a subject of the Hapsburg Empire, born in 1889 just on the Austrian side of the border with imperial Germany.

An indifferent student adored by his mother, he spent his youth dreaming of fame and keeping his distance from other women. Without having finished school, he moved to Vienna in 1907, hoping to enter the art academy.

He failed its entrance exam, and then his mother died. He spent the next six years in Vienna collecting his orphan's pension. He sold some paintings and told stories about his plans to become an architect.

In 1913, no longer eligible for his orphan's pension from Austria, he moved to Munich, the capital of Bavaria, in southern Germany He reestablished his Vienna routine : reading in bed, sleeping late, painting a bit, recounting fantasies to fellow boarders.

His first meaningful choice as an adult was to volunteer for the Bavarian Army at the outbreak of the First World War.

The war became for him the cause of causes, the source of sense in life. Hitler served with courage as a messenger, and was decorated. He was gassed by the British on Oct 14, 1918, near the French-Belgian border. When the war came to an end in November, he was in a hospital in Germany, recovering from temporary blindness.

After four years of fighting, Germany lost for simple reasons. Although victorious in the east, where the Russian empire had collapsed into revolution, Berlin could not transform its colonies there into the breadbasket needed to feed Central Europe and resist three world powers - Britain, France and the United States - amassed to its west.

In summer and autumn 1918, as Germany tried to win a decisive battle on the Western Front, it was as if each Dead German soldier was replaced by a living American one.

Yet Germans had not been prepared by their government for defeat, and Hitler found it particularly shocking. His work in 1919 would be to find the way to blame others.

He did so in peculiarly revolutionary conditions. The war released constraints on politics, summoning fantasies across the cusp into reality.

The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 brought a civil war to Russia - a form of conflict that was repeated on a smaller scale across Europe.
The German and Austrian empires ceased to exist, replaced by republics.

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