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IN THE VERY YEARS AHEAD - the satellites will get to see and observe and analyse,  you every single action and move.
RUNNING out of time, we should on very urgent basis consider the ethical implications of satellites that can IDENTIFY us and our license plates, and our coffee mugs, from space.

WHEN PRESIDENT TRUMP TWEETED an image of Iran's Imam Khomeini Space Center in August, amateur satellite trackers were shocked by the image's high resolution.

After some sleuthing, they concluded it came from USA 224, a highly classified satellite launched in 2011 by the National Reconnaissance Office and believed to be part of the multibillion-dollar KH-11 program.

Not only did the satellite's size, location and orbit match the vantage point of the image, but only such a state-of-the-art satellite could possibly capture details like the clear Persian writing on the launchpad's edge.

That the technology to clearly see something as small as coffee mug - or smaller - could already exist, or be developed very soon, should not be taken lightly.

The commercial satellite imagery business has grown tremendously over the past decade, with over  700 Earth observational satellites now in orbit, and imagery resolution keeps improving.

We must consider the longer term implications of having commercial high-resolution satellite image of this quality and what will happen when we can identify individuals or license plates from space -because that's not far-off.

We are not ready for the ethical boundaries this invasion of privacy will cross.

In just 15 years, we've gone from being able to see things the size of 40-inch TVs to those the size of a smart tablets.

There are government controls on the resolution of commercially available satellite imagery, but this progress suggests we will get 0.20 meters resolution imagery or better in the next five years, and imagery as good as from current American spy satellites - which, if the image of the Khomeini Space Center is anything to go by, seems to be about 0.10 meters resolution - in the next decade.

Drones can be shot out of the sky, yet little can be done to combat or hide from cameras virtually invisible from the ground. No one consents to be imaged from space. There are areas blurred out on  Google earth, but no law prevents your property from being captured by commercial satellites.

And what about the countless hallowed grounds across the globe that are not meant to be visited by outsiders?

Viewing imagery of these sites or peoples from above with no permission is no less of a colonialist act and may cause harm to communities that do not choose to be imaged like ''uncontacted'' tribal groups in Brazil, who could then face further attacks from loggers or miners.

I believe in the tremendous power of satellite data. I use imagery to detect potential archaeological  sites, which I then survey or excavate; it allows us to see everything from buried Viking walls-to entire city maps in Egypt.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Satellites, Surveillance and Privacy, continues.

The World Students Society thanks author Sarah Parcak : ''the author of Archeology From Space : How the Future Shapes Our Past.''

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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