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IN PROUD PAKISTAN - O''Captain Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, beat me squarely to my birthday by a few days.

And I, in turn, beat, one Founder and Hero, Rabia Sultan, to her birthday by a smashing 24 hours.

Great wishes, and prayers and accolades poured in from around the world. I am squared up to humbleness and honours.

All magnificence and kindness and prayers came with the greatest of real feelings.  On !WOW!,    'only great things will be attempted and only great things done.'

''May Almighty God, bless you all, as we roll up our sleeves and get working, all the while doubling our efforts. ''Awe and laughter have been undermined. We don't have the means to physically gather like we used to.''

The 24-hour news cycle combined with the onslaught of wars, and battles, injustices, and indifferences, and natural disasters, social upheaval and hopeless political strife, has left you all and  the world exhausted..

The agita shows no signs of abating, psychologists the world over show, that stirring and cascading anxiety is very much on the rise.

Many people find it very hard to pin down  the definition of Joy and Happiness.

Indeed, Happiness does have a certain subjectivity to it. Experts, though describe it as a positive state of overall well-being combined with a sense that one's life has a meaning.

Joy, by contrast, is delight in moments that, by their nature, are fleeting. ''I don't need to be happy to feel joy.''

THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY for every subject in the world :

All so full of  'Joy and Happiness',  comes in sublime peace to take the world forward and serve selflessly, the highest causes of humanity.

Joy and Happiness, is everywhere these days.

The World Students Society stops to thank the Students of the entire world and the Founders for the United States of America.

SOCIAL MEDIA - THOUGH has hastened a cultural shift towards instantaneous gratification.

''We have moved more to a microwave of well-being, having positivity in the minute,'' said Dacher Keltner, director of the Greater Good Center at the  University of California, Berkeley.

And that makes him wonder, ''are we just careening from moment to moment?''

While speaking joy can be uplifting, Dr. Shiota said, it should not mask emotions like anger, sadness and disappointment. ''What people call negative emotions are a symptom that something is wrong and we have to change,'' she said.

''We learn from them.''

TODAY researchers find it troubling that businesses have co-opted joy to market soda pop, productivity planners and storage containers.

''Contentment is the next growth industry,'' Dr. Keltner said. ''Merketers will tell you buying things will make you happy even though the opposite is true.''

A 2017 study published in the proceedings of the national Academy of Sciences showed that people who spent money on things that helped them save time - delivery or cleaning services, for example -were more satisfied than if they bought bubbles or expensive wine.

Having more free time helped reduce stress, the study found.

But Dr. Keltner said something else is making happiness harder to attain : a lack of togetherness. He pointed to churches and other religious congregations, which have historically been central to community's integrity.

''Church gave you awe, joy and ecstasy,'' dr. Keltner said. ''You collected in a group. You sang a little, You gave money. You got to chant.''

With the rise of Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites, virtual communities are replacing  real-world gatherings.

With it, the way we relate to one another is changing too. ''Awe and laughter have been undermined,'' Dr. Keltner said. ''We don't have the means to physically gather like we used to.''

Sharon Salzberg, a teacher of Buddhist meditation and the author of  ''Loving-Kindness'' : The Revolutionary Art of Happiness,'' said people are re-examining happiness because they are worried.: about healthcare, the economy and the unrelenting chaos in today's politically divisive world.

''I was the defender of Happiness when my books came out,'' Ms. Salzberg said. ''A number of people have been saying, 'Why don't you say 'joy'?''

Happiness was dismissed as purely the pursuit of pleasure, she said.

But it is significantly more complex. ''I like redefining the idea and meaning around happiness, to have more clarity and deep understanding,'' she said. ''So people know what happiness actually is.''

Does Ms. Fetell Lee believe Americans are living in a post-happiness era? No, she said. But she has observed a shift.

''I don't think about happiness anymore,'' she said. ''I think about Joy. And if you string together enough moments of joy, maybe you can have a happy life.''

With respectful dedication to the Students of the entire world, then Grandparents, Parents, Professors and Teachers.

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