Headline October 08, 2019/ '' 'HUAWEI 5G - 6G HURRAY' ''

'' 'HUAWEI 5G - 6G HURRAY' ''

THE WORLD HAS TO GIVE UP THE FANTASY - that law enforcement can have back doors to aid criminal investigations without also weakening these systems.

''THE WORLD USES ONE NETWORK - and there can only be one answer : Either everyone gets to SPY, or no one gets to spy.''

The other solution is to build a secure system, even though any of its parts can be subverted. This is what the former Deputy Director of National Intelligence Sue Gordon meant in April when she said about 5G:

You have to presume a dirty network,'' OR more precisely, can we solve this by building trustworthy systems out of untrustworthy parts?

It sounds ridiculous on its face, but the Internet itself was a solution to a similar problem : a reliable network built out of unreliable parts.

This was the result of decades of research. That research continues today, and it's how we can have highly reliant distributed systems like Google's network even though none of the individual components are particularly good.

It's also the philosophy behind much of the cybersecurity industry today : systems watching one another, looking for vulnerabilities and signs of attack.

Security is a lot harder than reliability. We don't even really know how to build secure systems out of secure parts, let alone out of parts and processes that we can't trust and that are almost certainly being subverted by governments and criminals around the world.

Current security technologies are nowhere near good enough, though, to defend against these increasingly sophisticated attacks.

So while this is an important part of the solution, and something we need to focus research on, it's not going to solve our near-term problems.

At the same time, all of these problems are getting worse as computers and networks become more critical to personal and national security. The value of 5G isn't for you to watch videos faster ; it's for things talking to things without bothering you.

These things - car, appliances, power plants, smart cities - increasingly affect the world in a direct physical manner. They're increasingly autonomous, using artificial intelligence and other technologies to make decisions without human intervention.

The risk from Chinese back doors into our networks and computers isn't that their government will listen in on our conversations; it's that they will turn the power off or make all the cars crash into one another.

All of this doesn't leave us with many options for today's supply-chain problems. We still have to presume a dirty network - as well as back-doored computer's and phones - and we can clean up only a fraction of the vulnerabilities.

Citing the lack of non-Chinese alternatives for some of the communications hardware, already some are calling to abandon attempts to secure 5G from Chinese back doors and work on having secure American or European alternatives for 6G networks.

It's not nearly enough to solve the problem but it's a start. Perhaps these half-solutions are the best we can do. Live with the problem today, and accelerate research projects to solve the problems for the future. 

These are research projects on a par with the Internet itself. They need government funding. like the Internet itself. And, also like the Internet, they're critical to national security.

Critically, these systems must be as secure we can make them. As former FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler has explained there's a lot more to securing 5G than keeping Chinese equipment out of the network.

This means that we have to give up the fantasy that law enforcement can have back doors to aid criminal investigations without also weakening these systems. The world uses one network, and there can only be one answer.

Either everyone gets to spy, or no one gets to spy. And as these systems become more critical to national security, a network secure from all eavesdroppers becomes more important.

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