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!And with that I return to the Fungus among us! :

IT HAS NO STOMACH EYES OR MOUTH but can seek out and digest its favorite food.

IT IS BRIGHT YELLOW AND HAS 720 sexes [imagine the preferred pronouns for that, if you will]. It has no nervous system or brain but yet is capable of solving problems like navigating through a maze.

All thanks to algorithms embedded in its bio-chemistry] and it can learn from experience and also transmit that knowledge. If it merges with another of its species, the newly formed creature possesses the knowledge of both halves.

It also has no stomach, eyes or mouth but can seek out and digest its favorite food which, you'll be glad to know, isn't human flesh oatmeal.

You also be relived to hear that its maximum speed is about four centimetres an hour or so if this creature changes its mind regarding its diet there's a go;od chance you'' be able to run away.

Oh, did I mention that it is also functionally immortal? The only things it doesn't like are light and drought but in the worst-case scenario it can just go to sleep for a few years and even decades and wake up once the danger has passed.

Because this sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, the people at the Paris zoological Park where this creature is exhibited are calling it ''the blob'' in a nod to the classic 1950s horror movie, though its actual name, which translates to the 'the many headed slime', may even be cooler.

While scientists admit that they 'don't actually know what it is' they are pretty sure it's not an animal or a plant, but may well be some form of fungus.

If so, it belongs to a truly ancient family; in 2014, scientists digging in the Canadian arctic found a billion-year-old fossil of a fungus they named Ourasphaira giraldae.

When thinking about the implications of its age, please not that the first dinosaurs only appeared a mere 270 million years ago and that this discovery basically upends everything we thought we knew about how life on earth evolved.

Until now we thought that fungi and plants acted mostly together to colonise the surface of the earth, but given that the oldest plant fossils only date back back some 470 million years, this means that the fungi will first.

This, in turn, means that animals [closely linked to fungi 'in the tree of life'] may also have appeared on earth far earlier than we imagined.

While we are familiar with the descendants of this ancient fungus : mould, yeasts and mushrooms [magic and o;therwise], it may come as a surprise that it is also related to the largest living organism in the world.

No, that's not the blue whale but is in fact the Armallaria Ostoyae, which is also dubbed the 'humongous fungus'. Humongous because not only does it weigh over 400 tons, the single organism that covers about 2,385 acres of Oregon's Malheur National Forest. 

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on 'Fungus and Fungui' continues. The World Students Society thanks the research author Zarrar Khuuhro.

With respectful dedication to the Grandparents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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