BRITAIN unveils Brexit plan with warning over no deal.

Manchester : Britain last Wednesday unveiled its own Brexit plan for keeping the Irish border open, with Prime Minster Boris Johnson warning the only alternative was leaving the European Union on Oct 31 without any deal.

After earlier saying that this was his ''final'' offer made 29 days before the Brexit deadline, Johnson wrote in a letter to European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker that London's long awaited proposal was ''a reasonable compromise''.

Central to the plan is the removal of the so-called ''backstop'' to prevent the return of customs post between EU member Ireland and British province of Northern Ireland once the UK ends its 46-year involvement in the European project.

The plan would effectively keep Britain in a temporary customs union with the EU, which Brexit backing critics argued would force London to abide by the bloc's rules indefinitely and nullify the  2016 EU referendum results.

Johnson told Juncker that the EU plan was ''a bridge to nowhere''. ''A new way forward must be found,'' he wrote.

After a phone call later on Wednesday, Juncker warned Johnson there were ''problematic points'' in Britain's new proposal, but said EU negotiators would ''examine the legal text objectively.''

Irish premier Leo Varadkar had also called overnight leaks of the new proposal ''not promising''.

At the heart of the proposal is honoring the terms of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, which brought an end to three decades of sectarian violence in Northern Ireland.

The historic pact was based on the premise of an open frontier with Ireland - a principle that Johnson's plan said Britain was ''absolutely committed to upholding.'' [AFP]

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