SAMARKAND : Smart meters installed in houses and commercial outlets, and check meters at distribution transformers in just three regions - Samarkand, Bukhara and Jizzak - of Uzbekistan have started giving dividends as they visibly helped reduce the losses and increase the collection of billed amount.

Uzbekistan took lead in CAREC countries in installing the smart meters. The smart meters not only help reduce the losses in power sector, but also improve collection of the billed amount against the usage of electricity.

The timely decision has factually enabled Uzbek government to lead in CAREC states.

The installed smart meters working and their results have been seen in various parts of Samarkand and Jizzak by media persons assembled there from CAREC countries and they also came across the consumers and discussed the benefits of the smart meters.

''We are very happy as we now pay for the electricity that we use and we do not pay for the electricity stolen by others,'' the resident of many areas told this during the interactions with the media persons.

Journalists were also given the opportunity to have interaction with the top official of the electric power company also gave the detailed briefing on the project.

Senior Energy Specialist Uzbekistan Resident Mission Bouakephering Toychik Chansavat while talking to the reporters said that this AMI project will be extended countrywide once the Uzbek government gets satisfied with the result of the smart metering system.

He said that ADB provided $150 million to Uzbekistan to help finance $200 million smart metering pilot project. He said that 1 million residential and commercial consumers received AEMs in Bukhara, Jizzakh and Samarkand regions.

''Annual power supply in Uzbekistan is 51,935 gegawatt-hours and reducing the losses by just one percent annually, it saves 520 gigawatt-hours of worth $26 million.


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