GEN X'S career growth problem :

58% : Consulting firm Development Dimensions International reported that just 58 percent of  Generation X workers expressed satisfaction with the rate at which their careers are progressing.

Pursuit of Knowledge

According to recent research, the majority of knowledge workers dedicate 85% of their workday attending meetings, communicating on the phone or tending to mails.

The Two-Career Couple

Research from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics revealed that in nearly half of all marriages, both spouses have their own careers.

A Life's Work

The average person spends about 90,000 hours of his or her lifetime at work.

Chernobyl on Ice

The handout picture taken and released by the Russian nuclear agency Rosatom shows the floating power unit Akademik  Lomonosov being towed from the Arctic port of Murmansk, northwester Russia.

Russia launched the world's first floating nuclear reactor, sending it on epic journey across the Arctic last week, despite environmentalists warning of a ''Chernobyl on Ice''

Loaded with nuclear fuel, the Akademik Lomonosov left the port to begin the 5,000 kilometers voyage to Pavek in northeaster Siberia. [AFP]

US & China

In a photo taken on July 06, 2018, Soybean is planted in a field in Harvard, Illinois, the same day China imposed retaliatory sanctions aimed at US soybean market.

US President Donald Trump lashed out at Beijing and vowed a quick response to China's plans for new tariffs, while ordering American companies to leave the country.

The blistering Twitter screen called into doubt quick chances for a quick resolution to the escalating trade war between the world's economic superpowers, which by the end of the year will cover nearly all  imports and exports exchanged between the two countries.

''We don't need China and, frankly, would be far........better off without them,'' Trump said [AFP]


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