Headline September 30, 2019/ '' 'NATIONS TWO GREAT' '' : U.S.A. - CHINA



THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY stops and rises to give a standing ovation to these two very  great nations : U.S.A. and China.   

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THE MANTRA OF CENTRAL GOVERNMENT about the military is, ''an army that can fight and win!'' On the other hand, the US government is dealing with unknown waters; an opponent of equal strength.

Soviet Union was merely a threat, whereas the Chinese government is a might backed by numbers and a robust economy and a national commitment. At present, a grave crisis is unfolding. Xi Jinping and Donald Trump are at cross roads.

Trump accuses China of Intellectual Property violations and forcing large American and European businesses to setup their infrastructure in China, thereby enhancing trade deficits around the world in Western economies. The Americans call it ''the unfair advantage''.

In an attempt to counter this deficit, the American government has responded by raising taxes and tariffs on Chinese exports to the US. It must be kept in view that while maintaining their cultural and political differences and diplomatic disputes, the economies of these two nations is the only factor that kept them from a direct confrontation.

Until 2018, China and the United States were major trading partners and their natural economic gains streamlined other diplomatic ties. Trump's protectionism will be a fatal blow to this stabilising aspect.

The Americans are the main financiers and policy makers behind World Trade Organisation and the World Bank. Still, the Americans have openly violated WTO conventions on trade and tariffs and at the same time are pushing tougher measures against Chinese traders.

It also seems that the US wants play the role of a judge, jury and executioner while ignoring the its own policies based on being the dominant economic power.

The Chinese have responded by counter tariffs and looking for alternate avenues to continue their march towards economic dominance, one that does not involve WTO, World Bank and the United Nations.

The One Belt One Road project is the engine on which the Chinese government plans to accelerate its advance as the supreme nation of the world.

In the words of Xi Jinping, ''China is to become the strongest nation by 2049'', which is also the PRC central party manifesto.

OBOR is a massive step that attempts to build a network of infrastructure, trade and multilateral ties by road and by sea, It is the actual embodiment of the ancient silk route. It will connect countries of Asia and Europe into one robust system of trade and commerce.

It will usher in a new era of economic and diplomatic power and it will be one that the Americans  cannot hope to counter. Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Russia are fully engaged to make OBOR an outstanding success.

For the first time, the Americans are in hesitation regarding their response to the economic potential  of OBOR which could lead to fear and a sense of insecurity. The way forward is not a trade war and bitter rivalry but mutual respect.

As they say, ''those who fail to study the past are condemned to repeat it''. The trajectory of both nations needs to be realigned in order to avoid the Thucydides trap. If it happens, a war between China and the United States will be something that the world cannot sustain and it will be one that none of the none parties can win.

With weapons of mass destruction of unknown potential, a war would threaten humanity itself. Fire can only be put out with water, not with more fire. It can only be hoped that the future of these two great nations and a transition of power is shaped by respect and not by fear.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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